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We Are FreeAnons

We Are FreeAnons

Sunday 18 August 2013

A whimper that can not be heard but by those guarding their jail cells. A silent prayer in the darkest of times by the less than godly. The quiet disheartened expression of defeat. It is no louder than a whisper but it keeps us awake. For the oppressors, it is their valiant display of victory. To the ignorant, it is proof of justice. To us, it is not a whimper but a cry. To us, it is not a silent prayer but a declaration of war. To us, it is not the quiet disheartened expression of defeat but our very source of strength.

To us, it is our sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and friends calling out our names. We are FreeAnons‬ and we have not known peace since you took from us those among us rightfully fighting for what we so dearly believe. Our inspiration grows with each arrest. Our purpose is made more clear with each prosecution. Our numbers grow with each Anon you keep from contributing to the cause of which you are so afraid.

We are FreeAnons and our cause is that of those you prosecute. You deny our fellow Anons the right to act against those acting corruptly for their own self preservation. You deny us our voice by imprisoning those among us that are brave enough to speak against you. You expect us to accept this as justice but it is our lack of indifference that you should have expected. The many battles we have fought you have all won but this is a war that we are fighting. This is a war of ideologies and your only weapon is prosecution.

Prosecute us at will but you can not arrest an idea. We are made powerful by this new means of sharing information. Today we are able to share our beliefs, our customs and our principles without your influence. Today, we are not restricted by currency, language or governments. On this day, we exist in our own world. This new world is only in its infancy and already in every language, in every nation, the people cry out “We are Anonymous. We are legion. We do not forgive. We do not forget. Expect us.

This is the Anonymous creed and we will repeat it. We will attest to this creed until ever Anon is free. Anonymous now is your concern but hacktivism will be your endeavor. Those you prosecute now are your targets but those that they leave behind will become your enemies. With every battle you wage our forts are only made more fortified. Our greatest strength is the sacrifice of those among us that fight against you and in their name we will continue the fight. We are the Anonymous Solidarity Network. Expect us.

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Heroes for the people, enemies for the state...

Jeremy Hammond
Matt DeHart
Martin Gottesfeld
Barrett Brown
Higinio Ochoa III
Ryan Ackroyd
Jake Davis
Christopher Weatherhead
Jon Cowden
John Anthony Borell III
Raynaldo Rivera
Fidel Salinas

Jeremy Hammond, Martin Gottesfeld and Matt DeHart, some of our bravest heroes and activists are now in jail and they need your help...


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