Twitter CensorShip #BloodskyFriday # Ideas are bulletproof

Twitter CensorShip #BloodskyFriday

Tuesday 27 February 2018

Fallen comrades on #BloodskyFriday

Hello Twitzler,
You may not mind to explain why those account(s) is suspended by you. If you suspended those account(s) because of violations of your rules, you should start suspend all users. Because your rules, tos, policy don’t have clarity, it can be abused by any staff of twitter who wanna feel itself like God.

Any of your staff doesn’t care freedom of expression and internet freedom. Or your this behavior is ordered by somebody. You are scared by somebody like Erdogan, Trump and Google? Or it’s all shits are about money. You only care about profits. At least we know you don’t care about your users. You may need to lose your all users to realize who are important for your business.

Also your behavior is like declaration of war. We may call that the war against a collective/group what is against fascism, racist, sexism, discrimination, exploitation and homophobia. You may think again after all these words.

Central Committee CyberGuerrilla Autonomous Nexus great authority and exceptional ability at their discretion proclaims U twitzler its enemy for the fact u are reporting to law enforcement in collaboration with shady military contractors you have blood on your hands, and are fair game. Our Supreme, Glorious chairman Meow saw it was good. He is right as always!! (All stand up and applause...)

Kill in action.

@youranonglobal @youranoncentral @Doemela @Primit1v3 @HackerVeritas @YourAnonRevolt @cybergerilla @coldbasecode @C_G_A_Nexus @FKATBT_Doemela @RadioCgAn @Anonplus_Info @XeniaCaroLyn

  • We are Autonomen,
  • We are Ungovernable,
  • We are Action,
  • We do not forget our fallen comrades on #BloodskyFriday
  • Expect Resistance.

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