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Secure mail service Tutanota is best known for focusing on privacy and security.

  • With its built-in encryption of the entire mailbox and address book, Tutanota poses a true privacy-friendly alternative to mainstream services such as Gmail and Yahoo.

Tutanota is already being used by millions of people around the world who understand that normal emails are like postcards that can be read and analyzed easily - not just by Secret Services and malicious attackers, but also by the email services themselves who scan people’s data to post targeted advertisements.

Denmark Makes Email Encryption Compulsory for Businesses.

Widely unnoticed, Denmark is the first country to require businesses to encrypt emails containing sensitive personal information end-to-end, starting January 1, 2019. This (...)

11 October
German Unity Day: Today Is the Day We Got Rid of the Surveillance State GDR.

Today is German Unity Day: On October 3rd in 1990, Germany became one. At the same time it became a truly democratic country. The oppressive system of the German Democratic (...)

2 October
Tutanota Joins LOT Network to Defend the Free and Open Internet.

We are happy to announce that Tutanota has joined LOT Network, a global non-profit community of companies committed to protecting themselves against patent trolls. We believe (...)

30 September
Important Security Update for the Android (Beta) & iOS Apps.

Two weeks ago, our development team has discovered and immediately patched a security vulnerability in the new Tutanota apps. This vulnerability could have allowed attackers (...)

27 September
Why Any Backdoor Would Be a Threat to Online Security.

In regular intervals, Politicians demand that companies add backdoors to their end-to-end encrypted cloud services to enable law enforcements to easier persecute criminals. (...)

16 September
Building Trust Unlocks Great Business Potential. But Data Keeps Being Breached and Misused.

Consumer trust in companies decreases at an ever faster pace. Caused by data breach scandals as well as privacy-intrusive misuse of data by the companies themselves, consumers (...)

11 September
The Tutanota iOS App Has just Received Its Biggest Update Ever!

We're excited to let you know that we have just published a brand-new version of the iOS app. The new app is faster, supports 2FA, auto-sync and full text search. (...)

28 August
Tutanota Becomes the Best Open Source Email Service with an App on F-Droid.

With an open source email client as well as open source iOS and Android apps, Tutanota is the recommended secure and open source email service that enables everybody to stop (...)

12 August
Release Notes 3.35: Getting the Android App Ready for F-Droid

We are excited to let you know that we have updated our new beta client and beta Android app. This update includes several usability improvements, fixes some bugs, and most (...)

6 August
Encrypted Emails Are on the Rise: 58% of Tutanota's Emails Are End-to-End Encrypted

Tutanota is the secure email service that comes with automatic end-to-end encryption. When we started building Tutanota, we always believed that sending an end-to-end (...)

18 July
Tutanota Now Supports Several Cryptocurrencies for Donations

We are very happy to announce that we have started integrating cryptocurrency support to Tutanota! In a first step, you can now donate to Tutanota with Bitcoin, Ether, Bitcoin (...)

17 July
Tutanota Supports Bitcoin for Donations - Payment Support Is Planned

We are very happy to announce that we have started integrating cryptocurrency support to Tutanota! You can donate to Tutanota with Bitcoin (BTC), payment support will follow (...)

17 July

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