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Secure mail service Tutanota is best known for focusing on privacy and security.

  • With its built-in encryption of the entire mailbox and address book, Tutanota poses a true privacy-friendly alternative to mainstream services such as Gmail and Yahoo.

Tutanota is already being used by millions of people around the world who understand that normal emails are like postcards that can be read and analyzed easily - not just by Secret Services and malicious attackers, but also by the email services themselves who scan people’s data to post targeted advertisements.

Let’s celebrate: It’s I Love Free Software Day!

On Valentine's Day we'd like to thank all free software developers who contributed to Tutanota. You are essential for improving Tutanota constantly. Today we are (...)

14 February
AT&T is blocking Tutanota. This shows why we must fight for net neutrality.

In some regions of the USA, AT&T internet users are unable to access Tutanota mailboxes on mobile connections since the end of January. Even though we reached out to (...)

13 February
Quit Gmail for free encrypted email.

Gmail is the Goliath among all free email services. But 15 years after its start, it is time to switch to a secure email alternative. Try Tutanota today, the free encrypted (...)

12 February
Facebook works as it is supposed to work: The real scandal behind all the privacy scandals.

Facebook was never known for its great protection of privacy. But since the Cambridge Analytica scandal, there has been one scandal after the other. However, the real scandal (...)

7 February
The end of press freedom in Brazil? Bolsonaro’s case against Glenn Greenwald.

The government of Jair Bolsonaro has filed a criminal complaint against journalist Glenn Greenwald after he reported about corruptive activities of this same government. The (...)

4 February
Secure email provider Tutanota launches free encrypted calendar.

Our encrypted calendar - Tutanota Calendar - has just been added to your secure email client. This new feature brings amazing privacy improvements. With our encryption (...)

31 January
No more Google: Tutanota is one of the few services that does not use Google Push.

When we redesigned the Tutanota client back in 2017, we strictly focused on our mission to liberate everyone from being forced to use Google’s services. That’s why we have (...)

30 January
Let’s fight surveillance capitalism on Data Privacy Day.

The statement "I have nothing to hide" is very popular. So is reversing it: Give me your email login, your Facebook login, a copy of your WhatsApp chat. Most people (...)

28 January
A "Clear Name Internet" is a dangerous place: Why anonymity matters.

Social media platforms and oftentimes also politicians want people to use the internet with their real name. The idea: This would prevent criminal activities such as hate (...)

22 January
EU challenges Snoopers’ Charter - dubbed as the most extreme surveillance law in a democracy.

In recent years UK, France, and Belgium have passed privacy-infringing surveillance laws to combat terrorism. Privacy activists fear that these laws violate privacy rights of (...)

17 January
Encrypt every email: Why email encryption is more widely used than ever.

Email encryption is no longer a foreign word to most Internet users. In fact, almost everyone has sent an encrypted email in the last few years. Reasons vary, but the outcome (...)

13 January
New Year, new offices: We have moved.

During the Christmas holidays we have moved to new offices in Hanover. After eight years of developing Tutanota, we have on-boarded so many developers that our beloved offices (...)

9 January

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