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Turkey Blocks is an independent, non-partisan digital transparency project that seeks to identify and validate reports of internet mass-censorship in Turkey. We measure wide-scale internet slowdown and shutdown incidents using a combination of digital forensic techniques.

Turkey to implement cyber-security and social media blocking measures during June elections - Cyber-security and ICT incident response teams are to collaborate with the National Intelligence Organization (...)

New Cloudflare DNS service filtered in Turkey on day of launch - An investigation by Turkey Blocks has found that Turkey’s DNS blocking measures are already actively filtering a new (...)

Turkcell launches Microsoft Bing-powered Yaani search engine app - Turkish mobile operator Turkcell has released a search app named Yaani which seeks to promote national culture and (...)

AliExpress online store and Alibaba Group unreachable in Turkey - AliExpress, a popular China-based e-commerce website has become largely unavailable in Turkey. The web store is (...)

IETF99: Towards a new understanding of withheld content - PRAGUE, 16 JULY 2017 – Technologists from Turkey Blocks, Article 19, the Center for Democracy & Technology, (...)

Major internet access issues in Turkey as Cloudflare knocked offline - The Turkey Blocks monitoring network has detected access failures affecting hundreds of websites hosted on the (...)

Wikipedia blocked in Turkey - The Turkey Blocks monitoring network has verified restrictions affecting the Wikipedia online encyclopaedia in (...)

Turkey Blocks receives Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Award 2017 - LONDON – Turkey Blocks has received the Index on Censorship Freedom of Expression Award 2017 in recognition of its (...)

Turkey Blocks monitors internet access for censorship during referendum - ISTANBUL, 16 APRIL 2017 – The Turkey Blocks internet shutdown observatory is to keep watch over communications (...)

LGBTI sections disappear as Reddit complies with 100% of Turkey censorship orders - Reddit today released its transparency report for 2016, which details the link sharing site’s compliance with (...)

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