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The Pursuance system is the world’s first comprehensive framework for process democracy. That is, it allows individuals with no prior relationship to self-organize into robust, agile entities governed via a “proceduralism of agreement.” These entities, called pursuances, in turn engage and collaborate among themselves to whatever extent they choose. A variety of existing tools for crowd-sourced research and secure communication will be implemented into the system.

RightsCon 2018 – Effective 21st Century Organizing: Learning From the Past, Building the Future - Pursuance is delighted to have been accepted for @RightsCon #Toronto 2018. Below you will find our session (...)

Barrett Brown on Intellectual Dishonesty, Excuses, and Knowing What the Hell You’re Getting Yourself Into in Activism - I know of no serious revolutionary movement that has made allowances for one's personal well-being and accepted (...)

Why Suzie Dawson was removed from Pursuance - Barrett Brown explains the removal of Suzy Dawson from Pursuance

Barrett Brown’s statement on Julian Assange’s admission of Trump collusion - Barrett Brown's statement on Julian Assange's admission of collusion with the Trump campaign. And why it (...)

Aaron Swartz Day Pursuance Appearances by Barrett Brown and Steve Phillips (Transcript) - Pursuance founder Barrett Brown and tech lead Steve Phillips were interviewed as part of the Aaron Swartz Day event (...)

Aaron Swartz Day interviews with Barrett Brown, Steve Phillips, and more! - Today, the team behind Aaron Swartz Day brings together guests Jason Leopold, Professor Gabriella Coleman, author (...)

Coming soon: Pursuance, the music! - We are flattered, honoured, and delighted to announce that on November 17 German artist AGF aka poemproducer aka (...)

How you can help - The first pursuance of the Pursuance Project is the Pursuance Project itself. We are still building the system, a (...)

Barrett Brown’s AMA on YouTube - This live AMA featuring tech lead Steve Phillips and founder Barrett Brown was probably the first time many people (...)

Welcome to the Pursuance Project - The Pursuance system is the world’s first comprehensive framework for process democracy. That is, it allows (...)

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Tor Guide - Freedom & Privacy Online

Tor Powering Digital Resistance. “The Onion Router” protects your privacy. Tor is an invaluable tool for protecting online freedom and guarding against state surveillance and censorship (...)

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Reality Winner and the war on whistleblowers

Courage Foundation and Expose Facts Organiser of Truthtelling in Trump’s America. Who is Reality Winner? A discussion with three US national security whistleblowers: Thomas (...)

Women, Whistleblowing, WikiLeaks

Women, Whistleblowing, WikiLeaks - Live from Frontline Club. “It’s been striking to me that, in my years of working in the world of digital activism, from WikiLeaks to a (...)

eelo - mobile OS and associated web-services

eelo - mobile OS and associated web-services

Your data is YOUR data! eelo in short. eelo recognises the need shared by everyone for better data privacy. The eelo project will provide an alternative mobile operating (...)

FemAnonFatal Collective

A message from FemAnonFatal. For Far too long we were made to stand behind the backs of those who thought they can control our voice. That it was their place to tell us how (...)


Submit documents to WikiLeaks

WikiLeaks publishes documents of political or historical importance that are censored or otherwise suppressed.

The Hacker Wars / The war has already begun!

The war has already begun!

The Hacker Wars” is a documentary about the mistreatment, persecution and intimidation of hackers and activists, by US government. The movie is directed by Vivien Lesnik Weisman and includes interviews by a variety of hackers, writers, journalists and activists.

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