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Learn Ethical Hacking Online — 9 Courses At Lowest Price Ever - How to become a Professional Hacker? This is one of the most frequently asked queries we came across on a daily (...)

A Single-Character Message Can Crash Any Apple iPhone, iPad Or Mac - Only a single character can crash your iPhone and block access to the Messaging app in iOS as well as popular apps (...)

Hackers Exploiting ’Bitmessage’ Zero-Day to Steal Bitcoin Wallet Keys - Bitmessage developers have warned of a critical 'remotely executable' zero-day vulnerability in the PyBitmessage (...)

Microsoft Won’t Patch a Severe Skype Vulnerability Anytime Soon - A serious vulnerability has been discovered in Microsoft-owned most popular free web messaging and voice calling (...)

Microsoft Issues Security Patch Update for 14 New Critical Vulnerabilities - Microsoft's Patch Tuesday for this month falls the day before the most romantic day of the year. Yes, it's (...)

Hackers Exploit ’Telegram Messenger’ Zero-Day Flaw to Spread Malware - A zero-day vulnerability has been discovered in the desktop version for end-to-end encrypted Telegram messaging app (...)

PyeongChang 2018 Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony Disrupted by Malware Attack - The Pyeongchang Winter Olympics taking place in South Korea was disrupted over the weekend following a malware (...)

Thousands of Government Websites Hacked to Mine Cryptocurrencies - There was a time when hackers simply defaced websites to get attention, then they started hijacking them to spread (...)

Russian Scientists Arrested for Using Nuclear Weapon Facility to Mine Bitcoins - Two days ago when infosec bods claimed to have uncovered what's believed to be the first case of a SCADA network (a (...)

WordPress Update Breaks Automatic Update Feature—Apply Manual Update - WordPress administrators are once again in trouble. WordPress version 4.9.3 was released earlier this week with (...)

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Tor Guide - Freedom & Privacy Online

Tor Powering Digital Resistance. “The Onion Router” protects your privacy. Tor is an invaluable tool for protecting online freedom and guarding against state surveillance and censorship (...)

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Reality Winner and the war on whistleblowers

Courage Foundation and Expose Facts Organiser of Truthtelling in Trump’s America. Who is Reality Winner? A discussion with three US national security whistleblowers: Thomas (...)

Women, Whistleblowing, WikiLeaks

Women, Whistleblowing, WikiLeaks - Live from Frontline Club. “It’s been striking to me that, in my years of working in the world of digital activism, from WikiLeaks to a (...)

eelo - mobile OS and associated web-services

eelo - mobile OS and associated web-services

Your data is YOUR data! eelo in short. eelo recognises the need shared by everyone for better data privacy. The eelo project will provide an alternative mobile operating (...)

FemAnonFatal Collective

A message from FemAnonFatal. For Far too long we were made to stand behind the backs of those who thought they can control our voice. That it was their place to tell us how (...)


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The Hacker Wars / The war has already begun!

The war has already begun!

The Hacker Wars” is a documentary about the mistreatment, persecution and intimidation of hackers and activists, by US government. The movie is directed by Vivien Lesnik Weisman and includes interviews by a variety of hackers, writers, journalists and activists.

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