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“I am an advocate for many people the government would like to silence or put in jail.”

Stanley Cohen is a noted Human Rights Attorney who, among a long list of prominent clients, represented Mousa Abu Marzook, as well other Hamas leaders, conducted work for alleged leaders of Hezbollah, represented the son-in law of Osama Bin Laden (Suliman AbuGhayth) in NYC, worked on behalf of prisoners detained in Gitmo and last year tried unsuccessfully, with former members of AQ and Gitmo veterans, to obtain release of US hostage Peter Kassig through discussions with ISIS. He has appeared several times on "Open Borders, with Ahmed Mansour, participated in the Doha Debates and is currently banned from entering both Israel and Egypt. As one of the defense attorneys for Anonymous activists in the PayPal DDoS protest he has become a hero in the FreeAnons community.

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AnonUK Radio - Stanley Cohen
Stanley Cohen is long time social justice attorney and activist. Stanley Cohen is a US-based attorney and human rights activist who has done (...)
2 January
Anon.UK Radio - Stanley Cohen “Justice as Farce!”
Stanley Cohen is a brilliant litigator who only takes cases of individuals against the State. As one of the defense attorneys for Anonymous (...)
15 February 2016
Dennis “Owen” Collins: 1960 - 2015
A message from Stanley Cohen: “He isn’t dead... he’s just moved on.” I have been truly blessed to know and love many great people of all ages, (...)
20 July 2015
Write letters to Stanley Cohen
As of January 6 2015, Stanley will be at USP Canaan in Waymart, Pennsylvania. The best way to be in touch with Stanley is to write him a letter. (...)
27 February 2015
Justice for Stanley Cohen
Stanley L. Cohen is long-time social justice attorney and activist. For ten years he has been subjected to aggressive investigation and (...)
4 October 2014
Nous sommes Légion - Histoire des Hacktivistes
Le film de Brian Knappenbergern sorti en 2012, retrace l’histoire du collectif « Anonymous » depuis le mouvement « Occupy Wall Street » jusqu’à sa (...)
29 août 2014
Campaign to support the PayPal14
Wau Holland Foundation launches campaign to honor the moral courage of the PayPal14. The prominent German charity, the Wau Holland Foundation, (...)
19 June 2014
C-RadaR - The PayPal 14 case
C-RadaR - Unicorn and talk with guests about the PayPal 14 case. When the account of the Wau Holland Foundation was blocked by PayPal in (...)
13 June 2014
Anon.UK Radio - Stanley Cohen
Stanley Cohen Chats with AnonUK Radio. Stanley Cohen as one of the defense attorneys for Anonymous in the PayPal protest, he has become a hero (...)
20 May 2014
Stanley Cohen Defense Fund
Up The Rebels! Stanley Cohen Defending the individual against the state. We at FreeAnons will continue to support Stanley in any way we can and (...)
14 April 2014

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Jeremy Hammond, Martin Gottesfeld and Matt DeHart, some of our bravest heroes and activists are now in jail and they need your help...

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