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Non au Delphinarium du Zoo de Beauval - Peuple du monde libre, Nous sommes Anonymous. Non au Delphinarium ! Le Zoo de Beauval, situé dans le Loir-et-Cher (...)

Paul Watson - Pirate contre braconniers des mers - Paul Watson, cofondateur de Greenpeace est à la tête de l’association Sea Shepherd’s Conservation Society. Paul Watson (...)

Opération Seaworld "You" is Love ! - Anonymous Opération SeaWorld #opSeaWorld. "You" est un jeune phoque. "You" vit sur le bassin d’arcachon. "You" est (...)

Hello directors of SeaWorld, We are Anonymous - Hey SeaWorld, Remember when Scientology was a thing? We hope you are having as much fun with this as we are. As (...)

Anonymous Operation SeaWorld - SeaWorld ! This one’s for you. Pressure has been mounting on you since the activist documentary Blackfish was (...)

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Tor Browser is an easy-to-use, portable package of Tor. By downloading and using Tor, you can protect the people who need anonymity, like activists, journalists and bloggers...

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