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Rebels without Borders

Join the Creative Resistance! Rebellion, uprising, or insurrection is a refusal of obedience or order. A rebellion originates from a sentiment of indignation and disapproval of a situation and then manifests itself by the refusal to submit or to obey the authority responsible for this situation.

Anonymous - Breaking News

Neither GØD nor master. No cult of personality. No egocentrism. Neither megalomania. Anonymous is not an organization. It is not a club, a party or even a movement. There is no charter, no manifest, no membership fees. Anonymous has no leaders. Nobody can join (...)


Barrikade - Was ist das? ist eine öffentliche Informations-Plattform, die aktuelle Nachrichten, Analysen und Debatten aus einer antiautoritären, revolutionären Perspektive sichtbar macht. Dabei besteht der Anspruch, nicht nur Plattform für, sondern auch Teil der aktuellen emanzipatorischen Kämpfe in der (...)

CCC - Chaos Computer Club

Der Chaos Computer Club e. V. (CCC) ist die größte europäische Hackervereinigung und seit über dreißig Jahren Vermittler im Spannungsfeld technischer und sozialer Entwicklungen. Die Aktivitäten des Clubs reichen von technischer Forschung und Erkundung am Rande des Technologieuniversums über Kampagnen, Veranstaltungen, (...)

Chaos Computer Club #Media

This site offers a wide variety of video and audio material distributed by the Chaos Computer Club provided in native formats (usually MPEG and/or Vorbis families) for online viewing. Older, archived recordings might require propritary players. The media files on this site can also be downloaded for offline (...)

Chaosradio Podcast Network

Willkommen beim Chaosradio Podcast Network! Das monatliche Live-Talk-Radio auf Fritz. Chaosradio ist der unterhaltsame Live-Talk-Radio-Klassiker des Chaos Computer Clubs aus Berlin und eines der ältesten Tech-Radios überhaupt. Chaosradio informiert seit 1995 über wechselnde Themen rund um Technologie und (...)

Contra Info [Deutsch]

Contra Info ist ein internationales, multilinguales Netzwerk für Gegeninformation und Übersetzungen, eine Infrastruktur, die von AnarchistInnen, Anti-Autoritären und Libertären unterhalten wird, die in den verschiedensten Teilen der Welt aktiv sind. Contra Info ist weder eine Organisation noch eine politische (...)

CyberGuerrilla AnonNeXus

The CyberGuerrilla AnonNeXus Collective is an autonomous body based in Europe with collective members world wide. Our purpose is to aid in the creation of a free society, a world with freedom from want and freedom of expression, a world without oppression or hierarchy, where power is shared equally. We do this (...)

FEMEN Official Blog

FEMEN is an international women’s movement of brave topless female activists painted with the slogans and crowned with flowers. FEMEN is the special force of feminism, its spearhead militant unit, modern incarnation of fearless and free Amazons. We live in the world of male economic, cultural and ideological (...)

Full Circle Magazine

The independent magazine for the Ubuntu Linux community. Full Circle is a free, independent, monthly PDF magazine dedicated to the Ubuntu family of Linux operating systems. Each month, it contains helpful how-to articles and reader submitted stories. There is also the Full Circle Weekly News. A short weekly (...)

HackRead - Security is a Myth

HackRead is your gateway to the world of the Internet that centers on Technology, Security, Privacy, Surveillance, Cyber warfare, Cybercrime and first hand Hacking News, with full-scale reviews on Social Media Platforms. We are a leading, reliable and authentic news source for core topics related to Technology, (...)

Tor Guide - Freedom & Privacy Online

Tor Powering Digital Resistance. “The Onion Router” protects your privacy. Tor is an invaluable tool for protecting online freedom and guarding against state surveillance and censorship (...)

Tor Project

Rebels without Borders

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Tor protects your privacy - Tor Browser is an easy-to-use, portable package of Tor. By downloading and using Tor, you can protect the people who need anonymity, like activists, journalists and bloggers...

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Tails is an irreplaceable security tool as it allows anyone to use computers safely
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Tor Browser
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