October 19, Meeting, message from #FreeAnons # Anonymous is an idea

October 19, Meeting, message from #FreeAnons

Wednesday 19 October 2011

Until a few months ago, Anonymous was doing some big operations with much importance but we also had lulz but some where reckless and got arrested. We are immensely proud, humbled to the core to be a part of the idea of anonymous, proud of what we can do and proud of our growing power and influence. We were and are still convinced that our action, methods were completely legal and cause no harm, despite the minimal economic damage that few companies we attacked claim.

These companies and states that protect them self have declared war against us, not because of the alleged damage, but mostly of the disgrace on there honour and the global conscience and awareness we helped to create. A hundred of our friends in several countries are now paying the unjust price of this unjust war. Their number is growing almost every day. This war will be long and we must win it.

The purpose of #FreeAnons is to anticipate the damage that this war will cause by creating an international solidarity structure. It is trough such a structure that we can organise and win our legal defence and show solidarity to our arrested friends….

  • WE can not, We must not abandon them, our motto is an Anon = an Anon.

Nix and horsefeet aka Nancy and David worked for months to offer us a legal and full transparent structure for the fund raising, “Freeanons Solidarity Inc.” is finally born, we celebrate this first victory with you tonight.

Major causes attract great persons, a huge team joined us helping for all this operation needs; Website, flyers, posters, documentation, legal studies and fund raising. Every additional help is always welcome and needed!


Arrested Anons


CCC project for Imprisoned Anons

CCC project for Imprisoned Anons

Welcome to the CCC Project for Imprisoned Anons #35C3. The Chaos Communication Congress is the annual symposium and celebration of hackers from the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). (...)

Barrett Brown's criticisms of Julian Assange are valid

Barrett Brown’s criticisms of Julian Assange are valid

A message from the Jeremy Hammond Defense Committee. Dear Courage Foundation: As an org that seeks to defend and protect whistleblowers and champion the rights of free (...)

Barrett Brown's statement about Julian Assange

Barrett Brown’s statement about Julian Assange

Regarding my banishment from the Courage Foundation at the behest of Julian Assange. This is the full statement I provided to The Daily Beast on the matter of the board of (...)

Naomi Colvin: I have been obliged to resign from Courage

Naomi Colvin: I have been obliged to resign from Courage

Naomi Colvin: “rather unfortunately, I have been obliged to resign from Courage.” On Thursday afternoon three of Courage’s trustees wrote to me demanding that I inform Barrett (...)

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