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Michael Ratner is president emeritus of the Center for Constitutional Rights, and Attorney in the US for Julian Assange and Wikileaks. The Center for Constitutional Rights, which Michael Ratner leads, states that its mission it to defend civil liberties in the US. Michael Ratner has published books and written newspaper articles about the Patriot Act, military tribunals, and the restriction of civil liberties since the 2001 US attacks.

Justice for Jeremy Hammond

All of Jeremy Hammond’s co-defendants stand to serve far less time than the maximum time mandated by the non-cooperating plea deal Jeremy agreed (...)
5 October 2013

A Benefit for Barrett Brown and Jeremy Hammond

Free Barrett Brown and the Jeremy Hammond Defense Committee are collaborating to produce a night to jointly raise funds for the legal expenses of (...)
19 August 2013

I am Bradley Manning

It’s time to stop the war on whistle-blowers. Bradley’s actions have helped motivate democratic movements around the world, including the Arab (...)
1 August 2013

Free Jeremy Hammond Electronic Robin Hood

The Anonymous Solidarity Network (FreeAnons) Support Jeremy Hammond, Whistleblower and Electronic Robin Hood. Jeremy Hammond Faces Life Term for (...)
21 May 2013

Michael Ratner - Vanishing Rule of Law in USA

Michael Ratner is a Constitutional attorney, past President of National Lawyers Guild and current Pres. of Center for Constitutional Rights in (...)
8 February 2013

The Other Bradley Manning: Jeremy Hammond

The Other Bradley Manning: Jeremy Hammond Faces Life Term for WikiLeaks and Hacked Stratfor Emails. A federal judge has refused to recuse herself (...)
28 December 2012

Anonymous Judge Loretta Preska

Anonymous Press Release “For Great Justice!” Greetings! We are Anonymous. We’ve come to deliver an important message regarding the trial of accused (...)
23 November 2012

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Jeremy Hammond, Martin Gottesfeld and Matt DeHart, some of our bravest heroes and activists are now in jail and they need your help...

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