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Leah Bolger Veterans for Peace - Where the Bombs Land


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Saturday 20 October 2012

Leah Bolger is a retired Navy Commander with 20 years of US Military Service, a full time Peace Activist and President of Veterans for Peace. Her organization is dedicated to promoting peace by helping the public understand the true cost of war. Leah talks about the value of the Collatoral Murder video showing the killing of a journalist, civilians and children that Bradly Manning has been accused or releasing to Wikileaks. She also talks about the torture of Manning by the military during his pre-trial confinement and the ridiculousness of the government efforts to classify details of war that are common knowledge for the populations suffering the effects. Leah gives us insights of a recent visit to an area of Pakistan under steady drone attacks and explains how life in Waziristan has changed for the people ther with special focus on the children who grow up with PTSD from a life under siege.

Leah Bolger Veterans for Peace - Where the Bombs Land

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