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Kevin Gallagher is a systems administrator and activist who is interested in privacy and freedom of information. After Barrett Brown’s arrest, he created Free Barrett Brown, a support network, advocacy organization, and legal defense fund. To that end, he has been responsible for much of the public efforts that have been put forth regarding Brown’s defense. He now works for Freedom of the Press Foundation.

Barrett Brown Sentenced to 63 Months in Prison - Freedom of information. Information wants to be free. “If we don’t have Jeremy Hammond, if we don’t have Edward (...)

Anonymous - Right To Link - Free Barrett Brown - Anonymous Response to State of the Union: Free Barrett Brown (#RightToLink #FreeBB). Greetings world, We Are (...)

HOPE X - Persecution of Information Activists - Barrett Brown and Anonymous: Persecution of Information Activists. Barrett Brown, a Dallas-based writer and (...)

Lorax Live - Kevin M. Gallagher - Kevin M. Gallagher “Free Barrett Brown”. Kevin M. Gallagher is a writer, musician and systems administrator based in (...)

Kevin M. Gallagher - Free Barrett Brown - Kevin M. Gallagher is a writer, musician and systems administrator based in western Massachusetts. He is pursuing (...)

We do not forget Barrett Brown - A Letter from Free Barrett Brown: Dear friend of press freedom, I’m writing to you with an urgent request: your (...)

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