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Kedistan is a webmagazine with an original and libertarian attitude, treating of Middle Eastern news in general, of Turkey more specifically, of cats, of sub-Mediterranean culture. And, every time, of equal parts of humanity, women and men both. Kedistan -ecranKedistan, is also a teeny-tiny platform that aims for openness and collaborativeness and that relies on a small team : which means that the magazine belongs to no one. Or rather, it belongs to all those who keep it alive: its editorialists, its translators, its correspondents, its photographers, its technicians, sometimes the same functions belonging to the same person, and sometimes it relies on the wider network.

My 71st letter sent this morning to Zehra Doğan

Dear Zehra, I am writing you this 71st letter, which I am also making public. You already know a lot about its contents. But I would like the way in which solidarity is built (...)

11 August
Etienne Copeaux • Letter from Mardin

Mardin, June 24, 2018. Hi everyone ! I preferred not to say it out loud – and, besides, we had instructions to remain quiet. I joined a delegation from the France-Kurdistan (...)

1 July
Zehra Doğan has been in jail for one year

“I don’t know why they put us in jail, we come out stronger than before”. This is what Zehra Doğan said in 2016, when she had been released for a short period from the prison of (...)

12 June
Kobane • Cooperatives as a tool for women’s empowerment

In a small street in Kobane, the walls surrounding the Kongra Star building – the women’s movement within the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria – house a vast and peaceful (...)

9 May
Turkish early elections: a shell game?

Barring a few remaining uncertainties, the electoral choices against Erdoğan in Turkey for the early presidential and legislative elections in June are now known. Discussions (...)

7 May
Turkey • Finding the right June Frog

You have quite a few stories in France about frogs and toads. Since they are meaningful to you, I’m using the opportunity to serve them up as a metaphor. These last few days, (...)

4 May
Afrin • Displacements of populations and refugees

The Turkish occupation of Afrin caused a massive displacement of populations and now appears as a planned and wilfull ethnic cleansing with multiple humanitarian consequences. (...)

4 May
Turkey • A single pipe and a single paper for a Single Nation

This should cut down on paper costs…at least on paper. Because the acquisition of the main media group Doğan Medya by a close relation of the Reis won’t mean an end to ads for (...)

6 April
Internationalist Commune of Rojava • The resistance is not over

The Common Internationalist of the Rojava publishes on an open letter, calling for a solidarity with Rojava. To expand the visibility of this (...)

30 March
Turkey • Billions of euros will rain down

I don’t know if they will make it all the way to my balcony but I hear your European Union has decided to blow a few more billions in Turkey’s direction. Busy reorganizing our (...)

27 March
With Banksy, Zehra Doğan is in New York

Thanks to “Street Art” practitioner Banksy, Zehra Doğan is exhibited in New York. Thus has a butterfly’s flutter reached the heart of an American street and the eyes of its (...)

19 March
Syria • International campaign in defense of Afrin

A global appeal is launched for Afrin. Call to mobilize everywhere, together, the march 24, 2018. Share on all your networks. International campaign in defense of Afrin Global (...)

17 March

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Tails - donation campaign for 2019

Tails - donation campaign for 2019

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We reject Julian Assange and everything he stands for

We reject Julian Assange and everything he stands for

It is with great concern that we find ourselves still associated in the eyes of the public with Julian Assange and what has become Wikiileaks. We do not support nor do we (...)

Barrett Brown's criticisms of Julian Assange are valid

Barrett Brown’s criticisms of Julian Assange are valid

A message from the Jeremy Hammond Defense Committee. Dear Courage Foundation: As an org that seeks to defend and protect whistleblowers and champion the rights of free (...)

Barrett Brown's statement about Julian Assange

Barrett Brown’s statement about Julian Assange

Regarding my banishment from the Courage Foundation at the behest of Julian Assange. This is the full statement I provided to The Daily Beast on the matter of the board of (...)

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