Jack Heinemann PhD - Biotechnology and Genetics in Food Plants

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AnonOps Radio Interview

Friday 24 May 2013

Jack Heinemann is a PhD research Professor at University of Cantebury who specializes in the genetics and molecular biology of single-celled bacteria. Specific interests are the biochemical and genetic characterization of horizontal gene transfer (particularly as it relates to the evolution of virulence and antibiotic resistance in microbes and the risks of genetically modified/engineered organisms) and yeast, bacteria and the test of evolutionary theories. Jack explains the stunning lack of science surrounding genetically engineered crops. He touches on some of the unknowns and risks of using industry’s assumption that gmo plants are safe until proven harmful. Jack gives examples of how gmo enter the food supply without using the precautionary principle; a standard where all novel foods and drugs must show safety in clinical trials, before using with an entire population.

Jack Heinemann PhD - Biotechnology and Genetics in Food Plants

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