Marty and Dana Gottesfeld host the first instalment of their podcast Infarcerated

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Human rights activist Martin Gottesfeld faces felony charges from Carmen Ortiz’s office under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act (CFAA) and awaits trial in prison. The same office and act was relentlessly ​used against the Internet pioneer and activist, Aaron Swartz, until he was driven to suicide in 2013. Marty faces allegations that he conspired with members of the “hacktivist” group Anonymous to organize an online sit-in of Boston Children’s Hospital public website to stop the torture and save the life of Justina Pelletier. Join Marty & Dana, while Marty joins the podcast from behind bars, to discuss topics around human rights activism, prison reform advocacy, & current events related to those topics.

- Marty calls in from Plymouth County Correctional Facility.

Episode 10 - 4 July 00:00

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Rolling Stone - Marty Gottesfeld

The Hacker who cared too much by David Kushner (Rolling Stone). When a programmer shut down a hospital website to defend a sick girl, he raised a crucial question: What are (...)

27 July

Letter from Marty Gottesfeld

Marty Gottesfeld is awaiting trial for charges stemming from his participation in a digital sit-in. He learned about the case of Justina Pelletier, who was institutionalized (...)

25 January

AnonUK Radio - Free Martin Gottesfeld

A Statement From Marty Gottesfeld. In the spring of 2014, the hacker collective Anonymous took credit for hitting a number of health care and treatment facilities in the (...)

19 December 2016

Martin Gottesfeld - Hunger Strike In Jail

Imprisoned human rights activist and alleged Anonymous hacker. Martin Gottesfeld, 32, is a human rights advocate and Senior Systems Engineer born and raised in Andover, (...)

24 October 2016

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