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There are those who find themselves incarcerated and those who teach and minister to those who are incarcerated. I have been a loyal reader and follower of Chris Hedges who has written for Truthdig for many years. He is a man with an uncanny sense for the truth and a wisdom that captures the times. He and his wife teach in the prison system.

In one of Hedges’ latest articles “The Mirage of Justice,” commenting on the documentary Making a Murderer, I find the hopelessness of a corrupted system that continues to grind up the non guilty along with the guilty exhibiting a merciless and unabated hunger to destroy where one side is unaccountable for vicious behavior and the other side is complicit.

Day 678 Fly strong, fly free - Today is Wednesday. Today, I was at home because of the snow. My supervisors at my job can work from home. I am (...)

Day 677 Forever changed - Today is Tuesday. Today, one of the political prisoners I have been writing and praying for was released. Today is (...)

Day 676 Honoring MLK - Today is Monday. Today is Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. What an incredible individual Pastor King was and what a (...)

Day 675 Bees - Today is Sunday. Today, I went to a candle factory and was able to see how candles are made with beeswax. The owner (...)

Day 674 contagious courage - Today is Saturday. Today, I was greatly encouraged by young people who have suffered and who have been imprisoned (...)

Day 673 a grandmother’s grief - Today is Friday. Today, I receive a call. Sometimes I forget that what has happened to Matt doesn’t just affect Paul (...)

Day 672 Walking in someone else’s shoes - Today is Thursday. Today, I decided to give a theme to 2018. I like to work on trying to better myself as a person. (...)

Day 671 Update on Matt’s time - Today is Wednesday. Today, Matt called quite frustrated. If you are not aware, Matt has been working on remedies (...)

Day 670 Why not respond? - Today is Tuesday. Today is January 9 and Matt still has not received confirmation from the BOP for receipt of his (...)

Day 669 Happy Birthday Jeremy - Today is Monday. Today, I read an article about many prisons banning the book by Ms. Alexander, “The New Jim Crow.” (...)

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eelo - mobile OS and associated web-services

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The war has already begun!

The Hacker Wars” is a documentary about the mistreatment, persecution and intimidation of hackers and activists, by US government. The movie is directed by Vivien Lesnik Weisman and includes interviews by a variety of hackers, writers, journalists and activists.

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