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There are those who find themselves incarcerated and those who teach and minister to those who are incarcerated. I have been a loyal reader and follower of Chris Hedges who has written for Truthdig for many years. He is a man with an uncanny sense for the truth and a wisdom that captures the times. He and his wife teach in the prison system.

In one of Hedges’ latest articles “The Mirage of Justice,” commenting on the documentary Making a Murderer, I find the hopelessness of a corrupted system that continues to grind up the non guilty along with the guilty exhibiting a merciless and unabated hunger to destroy where one side is unaccountable for vicious behavior and the other side is complicit.

Day 738 Thorazine poisoning by agency cocktail - Today is Monday. Today, when I spoke to Matt, he was able to sit down and talk to a doctor about the numbness he (...)

Day 737 a cup of water - Today is Sunday. Today, I was given another opportunity to connect with a brave soul who spent time caged for (...)

Day 736 we are beautiful threads - Today, is Saturday. Today is St. Patrick’s Day. Paul and I share some Irish heritage, so, we took a break from our (...)

Day 735 Delivered - Today is Friday. Today, the signed petition was delivered. Now, we wait to see if this motivates any honest person (...)

Day 734 A ripple - Today is Thursday. Today, wherever you are in life, you matter. You do have the power to make a ripple across this (...)

Day 733 Right a wrong - Today is Wednesday. Today, if you pray, meditate, or send out thoughts, please do so for Matt. The petition to (...)

Day 732 Joseph - Today is Tuesday. Today, I received a letter from a prisoner who is new to my writing list. He heard of me through (...)

Day 731 195th Letter - Today is Monday. Today, I want to humbly, respectfully and with deepest gratitude recognize my son’s uncle, Don. He (...)

Day 730 good intentions, wrong gear - Today is Sunday. Today,, Paul and I went hiking on one of the trails. The trails are snow covered of course after (...)

Day 729 a heart for the suffering - Today is Saturday. Today, I stopped at a beading business north of me. The woman who ran it is lovely and refined. (...)

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