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How to connect to the OnionIRC


Thursday 21 April 2016 afficher les traductions français

How to connect to “OnionIRC” & “CyberGuerrilla IRC” with Hexchat.

Anonymous Launched “OnionIRC” a New Deep Web Chat Service. Hackers, activists, artists and internet citizens, join us in a collective effort to defend the internet and our privacy. Tor is software that allows users to browse the Web anonymously. Developed by the Tor Project, a nonprofit organization that advocates for anonymity on the internet, Tor was originally called The Onion Router because it uses a technique called onion routing to conceal information about user activity.

Step 1

You need: Hexchat & Tor Browser Bundle

  • Hexchat is a IRC Client, It is very easy to handle and up to date.
  • The Tor Browser is a modified FireFox Browser witch allows you to Connect to the TOR Network.
  • Infos on the Tor Network are available on

As soon as you have everything Installed, you’re ready to go for the next step.

Step 2

Open up Hexchat and click ’ADD’

Edit the settings like this

CyberGuerrilla 6dvj6v5imhny3anf.onion/6697
IRC CyberGuerrilla
OnionIRC onionirchubx5363.onion/6697

(1) Nick name = Do NOT use any Real Information.

(2) The ’Login Method’ is the way you will log on to the IRC.

  • You can leave it Blank for your first visit.
  • After that use ’Nickserv (/msg Nickserv + Password)’ and Insert the password you used to Register.
  • For any help on how to Register you can either join the Channel #Support.
  • Or you can use the command /msg nickserv help register

Now before you are able to connect you need to setup the Proxy Connection.

  • Click on ’Settings’ and go to ’Network’ and ’Network Setup’.
CyberGuerrilla & OnionIRC
Proxy server CyberGuerrilla
Port 9150 with Tor Browser
Proxy server OnionIRC

CyberGuerrilla & OnionIRC with Tor Browser

  • Proxy server /Port = 9150.
  • AGAIN : The Tor Browser keeps the proxy connection going.
  • As soon as you Close the Browser THE CONNECTION WILL DROP.

Step 3

You’re done. Click on Connect and you should connect to the IRC.

WebChat CyberGuerrilla with Tor Browser = 3ur4xm2japn56c5f.onion/6697 This link will only work once you have installed and configured Tor Bowser Bundle (TBB).

List of popular channels


Popular channels

All channels available

CyberGuerrilla #FreeAnons #AnonUKRadio #Pure-elite #OpMonsanto /List
OnionIRC #Main #Hacking #Support #School4lulz #Linux /List


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Heroes for the people, enemies for the state...

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Martin Gottesfeld
Barrett Brown
Higinio Ochoa III
Ryan Ackroyd
Jake Davis
Christopher Weatherhead
Jon Cowden
John Anthony Borell III
Raynaldo Rivera
Fidel Salinas

Jeremy Hammond, Martin Gottesfeld and Matt DeHart, some of our bravest heroes and activists are now in jail and they need your help...


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