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Higinio Ochoa III aka w0rmer was part of an Anonymous-affiliated hacker group called Cabin Cr3w breaking into police databases. Higinio took a plea deal and was sentenced to 27 months in prison. He went to prison in November of 2012 and served 18 months. September 16, 2014: Higinio has been freed from federal prison after serving 751 days. When Higinio got out of prison, one of the terms of his parole was that he is not allowed to use any internet connected device.

AnonUK Radio - Higinio Ochoa aka w0rmer
A conversation with Higinio Ochoa III aka w0rmer. Higinio is a 34-year-old programmer. He lives in Austin with his wife, Kylie, and his son, (...)
4 April 2016
Higinio Ochoa ex-hacker interdit de connexion Internet
Higinio Ochoa III, programmeur informatique interdit d’internet. Higinio Ochoa III alias w0rmer faisait parti d’un groupe de hacker affilié à (...)
29 avril 2015
Higinio Ochoa - Reply All podcast
“Reply All” is a show about the internet: Higinio Ochoa III “Hack the Police.” Back in 2012, Higinio Ochoa III aka W0rmer was part of an (...)
26 April 2015
Help the Ochoa Family to reunite
The W0rmer Family is in need of our support! On March 21st, 2012 Higinio Ochoa III aka w0rmer, was arrested and charged with hacking law (...)
12 June 2014
Jay Leiderman Defense Attorney
Jay Leiderman is an criminal defense lawyer. Jay Leiderman is a criminal law specialist and defense attorney who has represented members of (...)
18 October 2013
Higinio Ochoa sent us an amazing letter
September 26, 2013 at 2:27 PM. I wish I could rally for smarter schools and bigger budgets. I wish my voice could call for the freedoms we were (...)
27 September 2013
Higinio Ochoa - Show your support
We do not forget Higinio Ochoa III aka w0rmer. Higinio Ochoa III was recently moved to what appears to be a permanent location in Ohio, where he (...)
20 April 2013
Higinio Ochoa - Baby W0rmer
Higinio Ochoa III (aka w0rmer) 27 months in Federal Prison. August 26, 2012. A federal judge in Austin this past week sentenced Higinio Ochoa (...)
13 March 2013

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