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Google collects Android location data even if location service is off

By Waqas Smartphones are fun to use, but what if someone is This is a post from Read the original (...)

Android Flaw Lets Attackers Capture Screen and Record Audio

By Waqas If your Android smartphone has Lolipop, Nougat or Marshmallow, then This is a post from (...)

Germany bans kids smartwatches, asks parents to destroy them

By Waqas Garmany’s Telecoms regulator the Federal Network Agency (The Bundesnetzagentur) which This is a post from (...)

Amazon Echo and Google Home Devices Vulnerable to BlueBorne Attack

By Waqas In September 2017, the IT security researchers at Armis found eight This is a post from (...)

10-year-old kid uses his face to unlock mom’s iPhone X with Face ID

By Waqas When iPhone X was launched, Apple claimed its Face ID This is a post from Read the original (...)

Texas National Guard secretly installed spying devices on surveillance aircrafts

By Waqas The Texas National Guard bought two DRT 1301C cell-site simulator This is a post from Read (...)

Unsecure Server Exposed Private Data of Popular Ride-Hailing Service

By Uzair Amir Ride-hailing apps are currently in vogue now, there are countless This is a post from (...)

A Dark Web hacker is offering services to track anyone anywhere

By Waqas Would you not like to track the traveling patterns of This is a post from Read the original (...)

Chinese Keyboard Developer Spies on User Through Built-in Keylogger

By Waqas A Chinese mechanical keyboard manufacturer MantisTek has been caught in the This is a post from (...)

User claims Facebook employees went through his file sent in private chat

By Waqas It is a well-known fact that Facebook, the social media This is a post from Read the (...)

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