FifthOfNovember - Anonymous Italy # Anonymous Operations

FifthOfNovember - Anonymous Italy

Friday 2 November 2018 > italiano

A message from Anonymous Italia, LulzSecITA and AntiSecIT.

Today, Friday November 2nd we decide not to publish anything except this, certainly not because you have taken, nor because demoralized by your comments politichesi. In recent days we have targeted institutions and organizations, and by doing so, we have been unjustly referred to as criminals and / or terrorists.

We are not, as you define us, criminals, let alone terrorists.

We are just a group of Humans who have grown tired of always listening to the same exact phrases from people trying to rule a country of inestimable value, which does not deserve this end. What we try to do, putting our freedom at risk every day, is to give back the rights to a private people of their own privacy for a long time.

It is unacceptable that national and non-national institutions, with thousands of members, do not have a minimum of security criteria to safeguard the data of their users.

Moreover, the hypocrisy of this government, hidden from the media, which for the powerful are nothing but instruments of political propaganda, is something that we certainly can not like. We prefer to spread the truth without half measures, to make public all that this country has wrong because it is the right of the People to know.

Having said that we would like to dedicate a couple of words to Messrs. Marco Squarcina and Emilio Coppa, to which we respond as follows:
we know very well the situation of the univerities, and perhaps we too are students who can not pay the fees. Mr. Marco, we thank his warm invitation to the CTF (the IT competitions Capture The Flag), but who tells you that we are not already there?

We are all good at judging, but first try to look around, and ask yourself if you have your side, be involved in our raids or not.

That our universities are on their knees and without money, is one of the things that saddens us most. All of us would like to see only the people who run our life system on their knees, which are not just government or politics, but also multinationals, socio-cultural bodies and so on, that do not allow our country to grow.

People to whom the salary arrives every month, without any delays and deductions. A salary with which you could do a lot, but that is wasted to remove their useless whims.

Remember that "small" sum stolen by the League?

A part of those "miserable", 49 million euro, which is said to be returned at a much lower rate of mortgage for a person who buys a house, maybe they could have served the universities, like many other funds scattered throughout Italy without a precise purpose, pocketed by the Thieves seated on their seats.

You seek us in vain only because you know that Truth will destroy you.

You will never be able to condemn us for trying to say a small part of Truth, and for our continuing to look for it. The black week will resume as planned, tomorrow at the usual time. Until you will be shown something that you will not forget, on a date that you will always remember, that of November 5th.

  • We are Anonymous.
  • We are Legion.
  • We do not forgive.
  • We do not forget.
  • Expect us!

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