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We raise the flag of our sisters around the world in solidarity with women who fought, who were prosecuted and died for us to have a voice today. For women who stand shoulder to shoulder at protests and rallies, who educate and support one another, who fight for equal pay and a right to choose, who understand the struggle of childcare and a choice of not having children. Who do not victimise but praise women’s courage to speak out, who listen, who fight, who are selfless and open-minded.

Autonomous Anonymous Network
Welcome to + Autonomous Anonymous Network + and it’s voice + Radio Vendetta + Radio Vendetta is the place for those who continue to fight against injustice. For those who do not step back and watch the world burn. For those who see the bigger picture. For those who keep an ear close to the ground, heart open and (...)
31 March

FemAnonFatal parla per la prima volta
FemAnonFatal fa parte della galassia di Anonymous. Non c’è quartier generale, né leader, né portavoce. La missione è chiara: lottare fianco a fianco per una società paritaria, giusta, onesta e pacifica. FemAnonFatal, l’anima femminile di Anonymous, parla di sé per la prima volta. Perché è nato, qual è la sua missione, (...)
23 marzo

FemAnonFatal talks for the first time
FemAnonFatal is part of the galaxy on Anonymous. No HQ, no leaders or spokespeople. Just fight side by side to make an equal, fair, honest and peaceful society. FemAnonFatal, the “female soul” of Anonymous, talks for the first time about itself. Why it is born, which is its mission and its goals. Publicly we and (...)
23 March

Female Whistleblowers, Risks and Activism
Talk about women whistleblower who risk with special guest Bailey Lamon. Hi! I’m Bailey. I’m 26 and I live on a chunk of stolen land we call "Canada"; London, Ontario to be precise. I work at a women’s shelter in my city and aside from that, my life revolves around my political activism, both online and offline. I (...)
4 March

Anonymous al femminile: cyber hacktiviste creano ’FemAnonFatal’
Arriva sul web ’FemAnonFatal’, ala femminile di Anonymous. La nuova costola del gruppo di ’hacktivisti’, riferisce il portale ’Difesa & Sicurezza’, ha postato quello che sarà il suo manifesto. “Per troppo tempo siamo state costrette a stare dietro le spalle di chi riteneva di poter controllare la nostra voce – si (...)
11 gennaio

Nasce FemAnonFatal, la costola tutta al femminile di Anonymous
Arriva sul web FemAnonFatal, ala femminile di Anonymous. La nuova costola del gruppo di hactivisti ha appena postato quello che sarà il suo manifesto. “Per troppo tempo siamo state costrette a stare dietro le spalle di chi riteneva di poter controllare la nostra voce – si legge nel messaggio del cyber gruppo -. Il (...)
8 gennaio

FemAnonFatal Collective
A message from FemAnonFatal. For Far too long we were made to stand behind the backs of those who thought they can control our voice. That it was their place to tell us how to talk, what to wear and who to fuck, when and how to vote, what defines a woman and what is equality. They have never seen us as equals! (...)
7 January

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Tor Guide - Freedom & Privacy Online

Tor Powering Digital Resistance. “The Onion Router” protects your privacy. Tor is an invaluable tool for protecting online freedom and guarding against state surveillance and censorship (...)

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