Female Whistleblowers, Risks and Activism # Anonymous Radio

Female Whistleblowers, Risks and Activism

FemAnonFatal - Replay - Episode 5 on Anon.UK Radio.

  • Guest: Bailey Lamon, president of the Pirate Party of Canada.

4 March 00:00

Talk about women whistleblower who risk with special guest Bailey Lamon.

Hi! I’m Bailey. I’m 26 and I live on a chunk of stolen land we call "Canada"; London, Ontario to be precise.

I work at a women’s shelter in my city and aside from that, my life revolves around my political activism, both online and offline. I am the co-host of an opinion-based political talk show on CHRW radio (94.9FM) called "The Indignants" which goes live Tuesday evenings at 6:30pm. I also write sometimes, but very rarely have the time or focus for writing projects nowadays.

Currently I am the president (not to be confused with leader!) of the Pirate Party of Canada, and the Vice-Chairwoman of Pirate Parties International. I am a Pirate because I believe in free speech, open access to information, knowledge, and culture, as well as government transparency, support for whistleblowers, and open governance.

I believe in human rights, justice, science, combating the rise of Fascism, the power of the Internet and technology in general, ending the war on drugs, taking care of the planet, and exposing and dismantling the surveillance/prison/military industrial complex... to name a few of my passions.

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