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Earn Bitcoin with Damus: New Payout Option Coming Soon!

• Damus, a decentralized social network, teased an upcoming feature that would allow users to earn satoshis (the smallest fraction of Bitcoin) based on post engagement on the platform.
• The team did not provide any details after the announcement but said the feature will be made available in the app’s next update.
• Jack Dorsey, former Twitter CEO, has expressed support for the project by providing funds to its developers.

Damus Introduces Bitcoin Revenue Payout Option

Decentralized social network Damus has announced an upcoming feature that will allow users to earn satoshis—the smallest fraction of Bitcoin—based on post engagement on their platform. The team said that this option will be made available in their next update but did not provide any further information regarding timeframe or other details.

Jack Dorsey Supports Development of Nostr Protocol

Former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has shown his support for the Nostr protocol—on which Damus is built—by donating 14 BTC (around $250k) to fund its development. This donation is seen as a major boost for the project and its potential implications are highly anticipated by both developers and users alike.

Damus Aims To Lure In Crypto Twitter With New Feature

The introduction of a Bitcoin revenue payout option is aimed at luring in Crypto Twitter and attracting more users to the platform with its unique monetization feature. It is hoped that this incentive-based structure will help increase user engagement and drive up adoption rates significantly in the near future.

Community Reactions To Upcoming Feature

Community members have reacted positively to this news with many expressing their excitement about it, even describing Nostr as “the future of monetization”. This could potentially lead to increased user adoption and growth for Damus over time as more people become aware of what it can offer them financially.


The addition of a Bitcoin revenue payout option could prove to be a major game-changer for Damus and propel it into mainstream usage among Crypto Twitter users looking for innovative ways to monetize their content online. It remains to be seen how successful this new feature will be when it eventually goes live but early indications suggest that it could revolutionise how content creators engage with users on social networks like Damus moving forward into 2021 and beyond