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Dennis P. McCann - Inside Turkey Occupy Gezi OpTurkey


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Friday 7 June 2013

Dennis McCann is an artist and political activist living in Turkey. He interned with Andy Warhol and has had awards and exhibits worldwide. His works are thought provoking, often controversial political subjects and are found in many notable collections. As an American transplanted to the Muslim world he has been an outspoken critic of the anti Islamic rhetoric fueling America’s War on Terror. Dennis has worked across the region to support pro-democracy movements, including the Green Revolution in Iran just a few years ago. Now he finds himself in the heart of a conflict zone as protesters in Turkey face off with armed political forces. Dennis sheds light the history that gave rise to events we know as Occupy Gezi and Op Turkey and a view from the front lines of revolutionary change moving from a neighboring region in Syria to the streets of Turkey.

Dennis P. McCann - Inside Turkey Occupy Gezi OpTurkey

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