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Anonymous tomba el web del Tribunal Constitucional
Anonymous tomba la web del Constitucional i anuncia un ciberatac per Catalunya. Anonymous, una legió de ciberactivistes sense rostre. El col·lectiu Anonymous ha posat en marxa el que anomena "Operació Catalunya". Diversos comptes a la xarxa vinculats a aquest grup de ciberactivistes han anunciat que aquest (...)
21 d’octubre de 2017

Cyber-attaque au Canada contre C-51
Des sites internet du gouvernement canadiens attaqués pour protester contre la loi C-51. Le Collectif Anonymous a revendiqué la responsabilité de l’attaque, indiquant qu’il s’agit de représailles pour la récente approbation du nouveau projet de loi anti-terrorisme (C-51) du Canada, qui agrandit les pouvoirs de l’agence (...)
19 juin 2015

DCRI contre Anonymous : relaxe de Triskel
Il n’y avait pas de masque d’Anonymous parmi les culottes de sa copine ! Le 26 janvier 2012, deux membres supposés du Collectif Anonymous « Triskel » et « Kloud » étaient mis en examen dans le cadre d’une enquête sur l’opération GreenRights (#OperationGreenRights) ; une campagne contre le nucléaire, orchestrée dans plusieurs (...)
20 mai 2015

Dennis Collins was sentenced in Virginia
Dennis Collins, last of Anonymous anti-copyright hacktivists sentenced in Virginia. Dennis Collins aka “Owen” and a dozen others were charged in 2013 with what the Justice Department called a coordinated series of cyber attacks waged by Anonymous. They had targeted the websites of the Recording Industry Association (...)
21 February 2015

Dennis Collins “aka Owen” Heads to Court on February 20
Dennis Collins “aka Owen” is a defendant in both the Paypal 14 and Payback 13 case. Dennis Collins is heading back to court once again. He will stand before the judge in Virginia where he has accepted a plea deal which could result in up to a year in prison. Of course we hope that won’t be the case but we’ve (...)
28 January 2015

[CCC] Paypals War on Terror
31th Chaos Communication Congress [31c3] of the Chaos Computer Club [CCC]. A Historical Re-Enactment of the PayPal14. We are the PayPal 14. For the last several years we’ve been restricted in what we could or couldn’t say about our court case. Our sentencing is on December 4th, ending the legal restrictions on (...)
3 January 2015

Dennis Collins aka Owen
Dennis Collins, a defendant in the Paypal14 and Operation Payback case Is scheduled to appear in court in Virginia on October 7. Anonymous’ "Operation: Payback is a bitch" campaign involved a series of denial-of-service assaults (DDoS) against government and company websites between September 2010 and January (...)
29 September 2014

C-RadaR - The PayPal 14 case
C-RadaR - Unicorn and mc.fly talk with guests about the PayPal 14 case. When the account of the Wau Holland Foundation was blocked by PayPal in December 2010 for having allegedly - as stated in PayPal’s letter to us - "encourage[d], promote[d], facilitate[d] or instruct[ed] others to engage in illegal activity" (...)
13 June 2014

We do not forget Kloud
In France, the Ministry of the Interior’s intelligence service is going to war with Anonymous. The Central Directorate of Internal Intelligence (DCRI), the intelligence agency of the French Interior Ministry, suspects "Kloud" of being a member of Anonymous, the hactivist movement characterised by its lack of (...)
9 April 2014

Première procédure en France contre Anonymous
DCRI contre Anonymous : arrestation de Kloud. La Direction centrale du renseignement intérieur (DCRI) est partie en guerre contre Anonymous. Le 26 janvier 2012, deux membres supposés « Triskel » et « Kloud » étaient mis en examen dans le cadre d’une enquête sur l’opération Greenrights ; une manifestation numérique contre (...)
9 avril 2014

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