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David Swanson - Secretary of Peace Green Shadow Cabinet

AnonOps Radio Interview

Monday 13 May 2013

David Swanson is a journalist, activist, organizer, educator, and agitator. He serves as a non-veteran associate with Veterans For Peace communications, the perfect role for the author of War Is A Lie - When the World Outlawed War and The Military Industrial Complex at 50 . He is the host of Talk Nation Radio where his passion for non-violent revolution enlightens and inspires grass roots reform. David helped organize Occupy Freedom Plaza in Washington DC in 2011, he was the press secretary for Dennis Kucinich’s 2004 presidential campaign, media coordinator for International Labor Communications Association and Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now. He works as Campaign Coordinator for the online activist organization Roots Action and Swanson is Secretary of Peace in the Green Shadow Cabinet.

David Swanson - Secretary of Peace Green Shadow Cabinet

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Kevin M. Gallagher - Free Barrett Brown

Kevin M. Gallagher is a writer, musician and systems administrator based in western Massachusetts. He is pursuing issues related to digital rights, freedom of information, privacy, copyrights and information security. As the director and founder of Free Barrett Brown support network, Kevin (...)
16 August 2013

Alexa O’Brien - Week 9 Manning Trial Ends - Verdict Looms

Alexa O’Brien is a journalist, film-maker & digital media strategist who has provided extensive archives & only available transcripts of Wikileaks source Bradley Manning, in the 18 month long proceedings formally known as United States vs Pfc. Bradley Manning under the 1917 Espionage (...)
16 August 2013

Alexa O’Brien - Manning Trial Week 8 - State Department/Wikileaks harm

Alexa updates the week’s events in the courtroom which was dominated by testimony from the State Department regarding the impact of the leaks. Government witness had Aboul Enein a DIA Senior Advisor & ’expert on Al Qaeda’ testify about possible benefit to AlQaeda from Wikileaks. She explains (...)
9 August 2013

Russ Baker - Covert Mechanisms of Power in US Empire

Russ Baker shares his insights into the Snowden NSA leak, the death of Michael Hastings and connection to jailed activist Barrett Brown. Russ is an award winning journalist who has broken scores of stories over the past two decades. He is the author of Family of Secrets: The Bush Dynasty, the (...)
9 August 2013

Stanley Cohen - Pushing Back Against the Surveillence State

Stanley Cohen is a brilliant litigator who only takes cases of individuals against the State. As one of the defense attorneys for Anonymous activists in the PayPal DDoS protest he has become a hero in the FreeAnons community. He updates the developments for the PayPal 14 case as well as (...)
19 July 2013

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