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CrimethInc. is a rebel alliance—a decentralized network pledged to anonymous collective action—a breakout from the prisons of our age. We strive to reinvent our lives and our world according to the principles of self-determination and mutual aid. We believe that you should be free to dispose of your limitless potential on your own terms: that no government, market, or ideology should be able to dictate what your life can be.

A Hell of a Mistress, the Beautiful Idea : An Interview with Aragorn!

Aragorn! describes his youth in the hardcore scene, his introduction to anarchism, and what it means to commit oneself to a life against the (...)

22 February
Aragorn!—Elegy for an Antagonist : On Hostility and Its Limits

We review Aragorn!'s many contributions, explore how his legacy challenges us, and offer remembrances from comrades who shared some of his (...)

22 February
"A Luta Não é Pelo Martírio, Mas Pela Vida" : Um Debate Crítico Sobre a Luta Armada com a Guerrilha Anarquista em Rojava

No final de março de 2017, surgiram notícias de que um novo grupo de guerrilha anarquista se formou em Rojava, Forças Guerrilheiras do Povo Revolucionário Internacional (IRPGF). (...)

20 February
Call for Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners in Russia : A Call for Solidarity Actions February 22-29

In Russia, the Russian Federal Security Service—the FSB, which is descended from the KGB—has set a new precedent for extracting false confessions from arrestees by means of (...)

18 February
Solidarität mit anarchistischen Gefangenen in Russland : Internationaler Aufruf zu Solidaritätsaktionen

Vom 22. bis 29. Februar ist die internationale Woche der Solidarität mit den in Russland verfolgten Antifaschisten und Anarchisten.

18 February
Chamado de Solidariedade a Presos e Presas Anarquistas na Rússia : Apelo a Ações Solidárias entre os dias 22 a 29 de Fevereiro

Na Rússia, o Serviço Federal de Segurança da Rússia — o FSB, que é descendente da KGB — estabeleceu um novo precedente para extrair falsas confissões de pessoas presas por meio de (...)

18 February
Invito alla solidarietà con i prigionieri anarchici in Russia : Un invito a intraprendere azioni solidali, 22-29 febbraio

In Russia, i Servizi Federali per la sicurezza della Federazione Russa – l’FSB, erede diretto del KGB - hanno stabilito un nuovo precedente mettendo sotto torchio gli arrestati (...)

18 February
De Una Forma u Otra, Algún Día Todos Usaremos Máscaras. : Enfrentémonos a Estos Desastres de Frente

Un cartel solidario con todos los que enfrentan pandemias, terremotos, incendios forestales y la pesadilla del control capitalista burocrático.

14 February
The Operation Succeeded, but the Patient Died : Biopower and the Nightmare of a Totally Managed Society

What do the laboratory, the holding cell, and the cancer ward all share? We explore how the structures that sustain our lives also constrain (...)

10 February
Não Existe Governo Revolucionário : Porque Não Podemos Usar o Estado para Abolir as Classes

Emma Goldman sabia disso. Não existe governo revolucionário. Você não pode usar os instrumentos do governo para abolir a opressão.

6 February

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Security Alert: Sextortion is on the rise

Security Alert: Sextortion is on the rise

Security Alert: Lucrative Scam of Sextortion Is on the Rise. January 21, 2019. The latest report from cybersecurity company Symantec shows that extortion scams are on the (...)

Why the NordVPN network is safe

Why the NordVPN network is safe

Why the NordVPN network is safe after a third-party provider breach. Information has recently surfaced about a NordVPN breach caused by vulnerabilities in a third-party (...)

Rojava : The war has started

Rojava : The war has started

Declaration of the Internationalist Commune: The war has started! We call to RiseUp, to defend Rojava. A few hours ago the fascist Turkish state started its occupation (...)

Matt DeHart is free

Matt DeHart is free

October 3rd 2019: Matt DeHart has been freed from federal prison after serving 2740 day. Matt is transitioning after 8 long years of prison. He will be starting with (...)

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