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The Courage Foundation is an international organisation that supports those who risk life or liberty to make significant contributions to the historical record. We fundraise for the legal and public defence of specific individuals who fit these criteria and are subject to serious prosecution or persecution. We also campaign for the protection of truthtellers and the public’s right to know generally.

  • The world needs truthtellers. They need Courage.

No US Appeal to Lauri Love Ruling - The High Court has prevented the US from appealing Lauri Love's extradition decision, so the 5 February 2018 ruling (...)

Next week in Courage: Reality Winner hearing, Europe events - Reality Winner returns to court for a critical pretrial hearing; Courage members to speak at the Elevate Festival (...)

It’s official: #NoLove4USGov - Huge victory for Lauri Love - and for Courage - as US concedes that "oppressive" extradition will not go (...)

Confinement by proxy: the UK continues arbitrary confinement of journalist as threats from US prosecution escalate - The battle for Julian Assange’s freedom continues as a judge has ruled his confinement has been proportionate and in (...)

Victory: High Court rejects Lauri Love extradition - “This ruling is a massive victory for free expression online, for the fair treatment of neurodiverse people and for (...)

Reality Winner denied bail, raising concerns for trial - In the latest ruling in the government's favour, judges claimed Reality was a "flight risk" despite her ankle (...)

Statement: Courage Trustee Renata Avila on new developments in Julian Assange’s arbitrary detention - "Ecuador's decision to grant nationality to Julian Assange is a welcome step, but we're still a long way from (...)

2017 – a year in Courage - It's been a busy year. Read our bulletin from the front lines of the war for information and support us and our (...)

Barrett Brown, Rev. Love and more discuss Lauri’s case before tomorrow’s hearing - Barrett explains the conditions he endured in US prisons and why Lauri would be at even greater risk, while Rev. (...)

MPs ask: has 10 Downing Street done anything to help Lauri Love? - Parliamentarians from all parties request that Theresa May ask Donald Trump to allow Lauri to be tried in the (...)

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The “Tarnac group” - ’French anarchist’ cell faces trial

The “Tarnac group” ’anarchist cell’ on trial in France over 2008 suspected rail sabotage. Ten years after their arrests in a politically charged case that prompted accusations of (...)

Justice for Reality Leigh Winner

TVUH Global - Reality Leigh Winner wasn’t one to break the rules. Always a straight-A student, driven to learn on her own eventually working in three additional languages. She (...)

Female Whistleblowers, Risks and Activism

Talk about women whistleblower who risk with special guest Bailey Lamon. Hi! I’m Bailey. I’m 26 and I live on a chunk of stolen land we call "Canada"; London, Ontario to be (...)

Twitter CensorShip #BloodskyFriday

Twitter CensorShip #BloodskyFriday

Fallen comrades on #BloodskyFriday Hello Twitzler, You may not mind to explain why those account(s) is suspended by you. If you suspended those account(s) because of (...)

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