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Lauri Love was arrested on 25 October 2013, coinciding with the sentencing of Jeremy Hammond, for alleged offences under the UK’s Computer Misuse Act. The police gained entry to his home when one officer pretended to be a UPS courier. Lauri’s house was searched and his computers and other digital media property were seized. He was then detained overnight at a police station and questioned before being released on police bail...

Lauri Love’s forum bar precedent lives on

Stuart Scott becomes the second UK citizen to benefit from post-McKinnon extradition protections

31 July 2018
Australian national radio’s Law Report features Lauri Love

ABC examines Lauri's case and asks if Australia's extradition laws also need to evolve

1 May 2018
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24 April 2018
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24 April 2018
Love v USA is over. But what does it mean?

The benefits of Lauri Love's extradition victory won't be felt by him alone

26 March 2018
It’s official: #NoLove4USGov

Huge victory for Lauri Love as US concedes that extradition would be "oppressive"

19 February 2018
One week on: what’s next for Lauri Love?

We've won the big one, but the fight is not over. Once America's deadline expires on Friday 16 February, we can finally say #NoLove4USGov - (...)

12 February 2018
Victory: High Court rejects Lauri Love extradition

“This ruling is a massive victory for free expression online, for the fair treatment of neurodiverse people and for those of us who have drawn attention to the dire treatment (...)

5 February 2018
Courage statement on Lauri Love’s extradition ruling

The High Court ruled that Lauri Love should not be extradited; Courage's Naomi Colvin responds

5 February 2018
Lauri Love extradition ruling: Monday, 5 Feb

11am on Monday, 5 February 2018, at Court 4, Royal Courts of Justice in London

2 February 2018

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