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Lauri Love was arrested on 25 October 2013, coinciding with the sentencing of Jeremy Hammond, for alleged offences under the UK’s Computer Misuse Act. The police gained entry to his home when one officer pretended to be a UPS courier. Lauri’s house was searched and his computers and other digital media property were seized. He was then detained overnight at a police station and questioned before being released on police bail...

Lauri Love’s appeal will be heard on 28 and 29 November

The forum bar, Lauri's health and US prison conditions will be at issue at the High Court (...)

Lauri Love can appeal his extradition ruling

High Court decides that Lauri's appeal raises "some issues of great importance" and should go (...)

Lauri Love’s legal team launches appeal against extradition

Initial paperwork has been delivered to the High Court. We'll hear more in early 2017 - in the meantime, the Times (...)

Home Secretary Amber Rudd approves Lauri Love’s extradition

If the High Court grants Love an appeal, it will be heard in Spring 2017. Responding to the announcement, Sarah (...)

Global coverage of MPs’ letter for Lauri Love

Press roundup: 114 MPs signed a letter calling on Obama to intervene and halt Lauri Love's extradition, drawing (...)

UPDATED: 114 British MPs call on Obama to stop Lauri Love’s extradition

Letter sent to the US President demonstrates strong support for Lauri across the political (...)

URGENT CALL: ask your MP to sign letter to Obama

On Friday a letter from UK Parliamentarians will be sent to the US President, asking him to withdraw Lauri Love's (...)

Theresa May told that Lauri Love “faces a death sentence”

Lauri Love's cased raised at PMQs as British Parliamentarians start taking action to stop (...)

10 Reasons why Lauri Love should not be extradited

by Alexander and Sirkka Love On 16 September District Judge Nina Tempia ruled that Lauri should be extradited to (...)

Lauri Love in the FT on hacking’s social utility

Governments and corporations must rethink their approach to hackers: instead of criminalising all hacking activity, (...)

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