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Stand with Edward Snowden “I don’t want to live in a world where everything I say, everything I do, everyone I talk to, every expression of creativity and love or friendship is recorded.” Help cover the defence costs of the whistleblower who revealed the NSA mass surveillance programmes. The whole world stands with Edward Snowden - let’s make sure that call is heard loud and clear.

Hackers are Humans too: Cyber leads to CI leads

This CSEC presentation from 2011 describes how poor operational security led to the successful attribution of a (...)

In-Flight GSM

This 2009 NSA presentation, based on an internal agency newsletter article from 20 March that year, describes the (...)

SIGINT Analysts: In-flight GSM Is No Joke

This 18 May 2010 article from the NSA internal newsletter SIDToday outlines how the agency is reacting to the (...)

Expeditionary Access Operations: NSA’s Close Access Network Exploitation Program

This undated presentation from the NSA’s Expeditionary Access Operations discusses how malware techniques are used (...)

Introduction to WLAN / 802.11 Active CNE Operations

This NSA presentation from December 2010 forms the second part of a course in using the agency’s CNE tools: see the (...)

Wireless LAN/CNE Tool Training Course and Evaluation

This NSA presentation from December 2010 forms the first part of a course in using the agency’s CNE tools: see the (...)


This 15 April 2011 article from the NSA’s internal newsletter Special Source Operations News discusses the delivery (...)

DGO Enables Endpoint Implants via QUANTUMTHEORY

This 26 September 2011 article from the NSA’s internal newsletter Special Source Operations News discusses the (...)

SIGINT Development Support II Program Management Review

Four slides taken from a 24 April 2013 NSA presentation detail how SECONDDATE man-in-the-middle attacks were used (...)

Introduction to BADDECISION

This December 2010 instructional presentation explains how to use the see the BADDECISION tool to redirect web (...)

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Charlottesville – A Statement From IntelGroup

We all know what happened in Charlottesville. We also know how the alt-right publicly slandered and mocked Heather Heyer and her family after one of their own murdered her in (...)

Peoples Radio United #OpDomesticTerrorism

Greetings to the Citizens of Charlottesville. It has come to our attention that the far-right, alt-right, and neo-nazi organizations have attempted to use your city as a (...)

Anonymous Operation Domestic Terrorism

Citizens of the World, we are Anonymous... and we are angry. Anonymous finds it a sad state of affairs when in the year 2017, we still have Nazi Party flags flying high, and (...)

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