Barrett Brown re-arrested # Anonymous is an idea

Barrett Brown re-arrested

Monday 1 May 2017 > italiano

Free Barrett Brown by Jone Pierantonio.

The journo-activist tied to Anonymous, Barrett Brown, has been arrested again in April 27 for speaking with media. He gave an interview to Vice News and the US Bureau of Prisons decided for his arrest without having given him rules about press interviews during the previous months, as his mom said.

Brown was released in November 2016 after being arrested in September 2012. The last episode has been considered as an insult to the free speech from Americans, activists and journalist and people all around the world.

For the public opinion Brown has immediately become a symbol of attack on press freedom.

It’s also an attack to the human rights. As soon as a person is weak enough in the society, the establishments are ready to bite your life. Brown has been stigmatized as a bad boy, and his past made of threats to FBI and tied to Anonymous and also made of stands up against government, is his weakness, therefore he’s an easy target for the evilness and the fear of many bureaucrats who take advantage on it.

  • Illustration by Jone Pierantonio.


Barrett Brown Video


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