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Tails - Confidentialité et anonymat

Tails : The Amnesic Incognito Live System. Confidentialité et anonymat, pour tout le monde et partout. Tails est un système live dont le but est de préserver votre vie privée et votre anonymat. Il vous permet (...)

26 avril
Arrestation de Dmitry Bogatov en Russie

Communiqué de Debian sur l’arrestation de Dmitry Bogatov. Le Projet Debian est préoccupé de la nouvelle de l’arrestation d’un membre de sa communauté, Dmitry Bogatov, par les autorités Russes. Dmitry est professeur de (...)

25 avril
Statement concerning the arrest of Dmitry Bogatov

Debian Press Release: The Debian Project is concerned to hear that one of our members, Dmitry Bogatov, has been arrested by Russian authorities. Dmitry is a mathematics teacher, and an active Debian contributor. As (...)

25 April
Anonymous Operation Yemen

Operation Yemen Engaged #OpYemen. Greetings people of the world, Recently the government of Saudi Arabia has taken it upon themselves to indiscriminately bomb the Yemenis people. The Saudi Arabian government has (...)

9 April
Mastodon social network

Mastodon is a free, open-source social network. Mastodon, a distributed, open-source version of Twitter, is almost identical to the platform it’s based on. Users can set up a profile, post short updates that may or (...)

7 April
Bienvenue sur Mastodon

Mastodon, le réseau social gratuit et open-source. Mastodon est un logiciel accessible par un navigateur et des applications iOS ou Android qui vise, par ses fonctions de base, le même public que Twitter ou on peut (...)

6 avril
Erdoğan için yeni bir şarkı

Türkçe altyazılı versiyonu - Bana biraz vakit ayır, sana bir şarkı daha söyleyeyim. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan isimli tonton bıyıklı Osmanlı patronu üzerine. Almanya’nın hiciv programı extra 3 Recep Tayyip Erdoğan şarkısı (...)

26 Mart
Guide de bonnes pratiques

Libertés numériques - Guide de bonnes pratiques à l’usage des DuMo. Trop compliqué ! pas l’temps. . . ultra-sollicités entre nos communications, nos applications et nos appareils nous n’avons paradoxalement guère le temps (...)

25 mars
Citizen Love Film

A story about the hacker, Lauri Love, standing against the UK and US justice systems. Extradition to the US could mean life in prison; this is the story of a family fighting against the most powerful State on (...)

21 March
Anonymous Global Mayday

May 1st 2017 protest. Working with Occupy. Citizens from around the world, we are Anonymous. We hereby call forth this May 1st, a Global Day Of Resistance. We call upon every person, in every nation, every (...)

21 March
LibrePlanet 2017

March 25-26 / MIT / Cambridge, Massachusetts. LibrePlanet is an annual conference hosted by the Free Software Foundation for people who care about their digital freedoms, bringing together software developers, (...)

21 March
Trois défis pour le web, selon son inventeur

Aujourd’hui, le monde fête le 28e anniversaire du World Wide Web. Nous publions une tribune de Tim Berners-Lee, inventeur du Web et créateur de la Web Foundation, sur l’évolution du Web et sur les précautions (...)

12 mars
Three challenges for the web, according to its inventor

Today is the world wide web’s 28th birthday. Here’s a message from our founder and web inventor Sir Tim Berners-Lee on how the web has evolved, and what we must do to ensure it fulfils his vision of an equalising (...)

12 March
Lauri Love has been banned from Twitter

Lauri Love, aka @LauriLoveX has been permanently banned from Twitter over an alleged “violent threat”. While it is unclear as to what he posted that got him banned or even suspended in the first place, it is (...)

10 March
Vault 7 - CIA Hacking Tools Revealed

WikiLeaks begins its new series of leaks on the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency. Code-named “Vault 7” by WikiLeaks, it is the largest ever publication of confidential documents on the agency. The first full part (...)

7 March
Stop Censorship Machine

EU copyright threatens our freedoms #SavetheMeme. Xnet launches video campaign “Stop #CensorshipMachine” to defend our rights and freedom of expression, freedom to Meme and gif, to parody, to educate, to remix, to (...)

7 March
The future or end for CyberGuerrilla

Help to setup a communication infrastructure controlled by the movement and not corporations or the government. You know when it is that period when water-heater leaks, car brakes down and other stuff all on the (...)

18 February
Anonymous call to action against Trump regime

Anonymous Operation #BDStheUS. Greetings Citizens of the World, We are Anonymous. This is an open call to establish travel bans on United States citizens, boycott US made products, divest of US or Trump related (...)

31 January
Letter from Marty Gottesfeld

Marty Gottesfeld is awaiting trial for charges stemming from his participation in a digital sit-in. He learned about the case of Justina Pelletier, who was institutionalized in a psychiatric ward in 2013 against (...)

25 January
Freezone – Spécial OpenHardware

En octobre 2016, l’Open Source Hardware Association a lancé une certification qui va permettre d’attribuer un label « Open Hardware » à des objets répondant aux critères de la définition qu’elle a élaborée en s’inspirant (...)

7 janvier

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