Anonymous statement on recent events regarding RedHack # Anonymous Operations

Anonymous statement on recent events regarding RedHack

Monday 30 October 2017 > Türkçe

Greetings citizens of the world, greetings citizens of Turkey.

Over the past few months, our team at @YourAnonNews went through a phase of uncertainty. At first, the main reason for this was the hijack of the official twitter account of the Turkish hacktivist group RedHack.

One day after this incident, Crypt0nymous “Cry” had an online meeting with RedHack. As part of our cooperation with RedHack, our team member Cry was the person to help and provide support to the RedHack’s email dump of the Turkish Energy Minister Berat Albayrak. During this meeting the main topic of account hijacking was brought up by RedHack but then with other issues faced, it turned into a small issue.

What RedHack has forgotten that Cry would keep us up to date with the operations and meetings. Cry therefore told the other admins about what has happened in that meeting and possibilities discussed so far.

We took the potential fallout of this very seriously, especially because of our supportive relationship up to today and our role as an intermediary during the last leak. Instead of enlightening both Cry and us, RedHack decided to stay silent for the past 6 months. Having an outburst at Cry after the release of his statement, pulling off a good cop/bad cop maneuver in private chat isn’t gonna help or explain the situation in any way.

At this point, neither we are able to determine the scale or origin of this, nor we do understand why the mistakes have been made knowingly in the first place.

Due to fact that the gravity of the situation is already beyond acceptance, we are suspending any current and future cooperation with RedHack, permanently.

RedHack when truth is revealed.

When I volunteered as an Anonymous ally, I wish that RedHack would have played by the rules set by the group itself. Shortly after the hijack of the group’s main account, there were inside discussions, and ended in silence.

While the Twittersphere turned its eyes on the list of names, I didn’t pay attention to this specific issue. The reason for that was based on a simple question: How come that a hacktivist group with almost 20 years of experience in the information-technology environment end up getting its account hijacked, or did we rule out the possibility too early that someone inside the RedHack may be after something?

One of the fundamental aftermaths of a crisis is a cleansing event, that is no different in RedHack. What this crisis surfaced was a chain of lies, individuals with personal agendas, and secrets. Secrets that every persona in Anonymous would doom to be a dangerous basis for a collaboration between two groups. Someone like me who was involved with RedHack, who helped out with the propaganda and accessibility of Albayrak’s email archive together with Anonymous and WikiLeaks, this truth is a pretty hard pill to swallow.

The tide recedes and suddenly you see who is not wearing swimming trunks.
- Andreas Antonopoulos

I waited for the release of this statement because I thought the group would do the necessary thing and explain what happened. What followed was months of silence. Denial by RedHack is probably the only option left because otherwise, this chain will crush everyone under it.

  • And that’s why I am leaving both this alliance and Anonymous.
  • I’m proud that over the past 7 years I’ve been able to contribute more to society than the average person.
    • Crypt0nymous “Cry”

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