Anonymous Press Release "Operation Take Down" # Anonymous Operations

Anonymous Press Release "Operation Take Down"

Tuesday 24 November 2015

Anonymous Operation Ferguson - Press Release: "Operation Take Down" Initiated.

The Anonymous team of Operation Ferguson watched with horror as a group of highly armed white supremacist terrorists opened fire on the Black Lives Matter protesters at the 4th Precinct occupation in Minneapolis, Minnesota - gravely injuring at least five innocent protesters. These men wore bullet proof vests, covered their faces - and had been watching the occupational protest at the 4th Precinct for days.

This was a planned terrorist attack by organized white supremacists. And it’s not the first in recent memory, as earlier this year nine innocent black people were slain by a white supremacist gunman in their own church in South Carolina....WHILE THEY PRAYED!

The MPLS police responded to the shooting of innocent protesters in front of their precinct house NOT by offering aid or assistance, but by further brutalizing them with mace and batons. And the MPLS police will answer to us for this crime at a time and by a method of our choosing. The white supremacist movement in the USA however is a different story. From this moment forward Anonymous declares itself to be at war with these domestic terrorists. We will hunt you down, expose you - and destroy your lives. We will remove your social media accounts and other online assets from the Internet.

We will bring to bear against the white supremacists in the USA the same exact tools and tactics that have been so successfully deployed this past year by Anonymous against ISIS and other jihadists. If you are a white supremacist in the USA, your time is up - and your doom is upon you.

For this Operation we will consult with and use the same template as the Anons and other hacker crews in Op ISIS have utilized so effectively against terrorists already. We will begin with a "Report A Racist" feature on an Op Take Down page which will be available by the end of today on our main website -

We will join forces with our sister Op, Operation KKK.

We will use the crowd sourced data we obtain through this process of reporting to investigate these individuals and assets, determine if they are indeed white supremacist related - and then target these individuals and assets through cyber attacks, public exposure - and the removal of their accounts from the Internet. We will especially expose police or political leaders who have any ties to white supremacy.

We will find these animals, expose them - and destroy their lives.

As we did in Op KKK, we will eventually provide our vetted data on all white supremacist organizations and individuals in the USA to the various domestic anti-hate group NGO’s who make it their business to monitor these terrorists.

"Operation Take Down" will be managed by the team of Anonymous Operation Ferguson.

We encourage those who want to support or assist us in this fight against domestic terrorists, as well as interested journalists - to visit our website and follow our Twitter. Just as it does in Op ISIS, it will take all the effort of the entire Anonymous Global Collective to crush these terrorists. If you are an Anon or un-affiliated hacker, please join us.

This is war. We have long experience in destroying white supremacists in the USA. If you are a white supremacist it’s too late to expect us. We suggest you run as fast as you can, and hide. Because we will show you no mercy when we find you.

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