Anonymous message on Wikileaks & the rise of Trump # Anonymous Operations

Anonymous message on Wikileaks & the rise of Trump

Tuesday 15 November 2016

When Anons starts sounding identical to the United States government, what are they?

"WikiLeaks under Julian Assange is a front for several corrupt state actors like Russia and the Assad regime in Syria which the majority of Anonymous have always opposed."

The above is from a video published on a large Anon channel yesterday, a few hours before Assange’s interview by the Swedish prosecutor. The video is attacking WikiLeaks and Julian Assange, bunching him together with the racist buffoon that is Trump and Russia. This is simply the wet dream of the US government and I cannot see how acting like useful idiots while pushing the US governments narrative is anything but a shot in both feet.

Why is Trump and Wikileaks in a video like this together?

What is fascist about Mr. Assange? The narrative is so ridiculous it almost worked and got echoed in all the chambers that would rather like to see Julian Assange assassinated. The only "Anon" thing about this video is how they try to ground the message using Hammond and Manning. It seems like they are being used as alibis. When/if you criticize the video in public I fully expect you to be painted as against Hammond and Manning. That is how they will resist criticism.

In the ranks of the older Anons there are quite a few that are understandably critical of Julian Assange after what happened in the aftermath of the PayPal attacks. Some of it probably stems from when Anons saw a pay wall go up in front of the WikiLeaks website. Some of it stems from Julian Assange’s ways - or personality if you will. Those that are interested in weakening Julian Assange must have tapped into theses feelings to get this started.

"Anonymous message on Wikileaks & the rise of Trump and global fascism," they say.

What has WikiLeaks to do with fascism and Trump? Even the FBI says there is nothing to connect Trump with Russia, and nobody is even claiming Trump talks to Assange. So the best way to describe the whole video is by using the word hogwash.

For weeks a lot of Anons have been laughing at the USG and the Clinton campaign for blaming everything on Russia. "It’s the Russians lol" is the most tweeted thoughts on every such attempt. Now all of a sudden Your Anon Central is jumping on that train? When you start sounding like you are working for the office of the DNI or the cyber-terrorism dept of the FBI, you better take a step back an reevaluate your position.

Ultimately this thing is simply an attack on Wikileaks, leaking, hacktivism, journalism and transparency itself. You will even find a pot shot directed at Edward Snowden in this video. Is that how you wanna see yourself? Opposing some of the core activities of activists throughout the world?

WikiLeaks made a few, some would say grave, missteps during the election cycle.

A handful of tweets where beyond editorializing and had little to do with the act of leaking. Many will however understand that they may be the result of the incredible pressure put on WikiLeaks in general, and on Mr. Assange in particular.

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