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Anonymous Radio gets the truths through...

Anonymous Radio gets the truths through...

AnonUK Live Radio - Everyday 21 GMT - 9 pm BST - 4 pm EST

Now you can broadcast your ideas on truth and freedom. Welcome to The AnonUK Radio Show. Social media and citizen journalism is arguably how the majority of people discover their news these days. We hope this site provides all the information you need to keep up with the Radio, current operations both globally and in the UK, get involved with protests both online and offline.

AnonUK Radio is Advertisment Free & Non Profit...

Monday 9-11 Stab Vest In A English Country Garden
Tuesday 8-10 Global collapse headquarters
10-12 AjacxUK, The Devine Leader, BossFag. AnonUK Rage Quiz
Wednesday 9-12 #Kopimi Radio @mazanga The worlds best mashups bootlegs and remixe
12-3 The forever noob
Thursday 9-11 Wave Of Action
Friday 8-11 SubsPlot [email protected] Of [email protected]
11-1 4N1M4rL Jungle, DnB and civil unrest
Saturday 9-11 Dance Session with L4dy
Sunday 7-9 Kopimi Radio @DJJoker123 Dance Anthems
9-11 t0pG3ar Live. Global internet activist conversation. Hosts g3arh3ad stlgal baditup & t0p

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So U want to be a Host / Dj on AnonUK Radio?

To broadcast on this server you need be compatible with the icecast protocol. You can read more about their server and see some tools at We do not have any specific tool recomendations, try the icecast site, our good friend google or contact us. But you can use such tools as Sam Broadcaster (which is not free and windows based) or Mixxx (Is free and also cross platform).

Most Hosts On AnonUK Radio , Do use Sam Broadcaster . (Can be provided) We do and can offer help to hosts who require help in setting up Broadcasting Software and how to use it, if needed . You will be serving songs using a broadcasting utility located on your computer and songs located on your system. Your stream will be sent to our server, which will then broadcast your show through our server. From your computer, it is only one stream going out. Nobody will be able to trace back to your system. Our servers will be the only thing they can see. To broadcast to our server, you will need a userid and password. Those will not be supplied here. You will need to get those from the appropriate party. When the time comes to broadcast your show, have your material ready, know the user id and password for the DJ server, and you are ready to go. Again, thank you for your effort, talent, and energy. Please respect our rules and guidelines. Have a great show.

AnonUK Radio & our host Cyberguerrilla Anonymous Nexus does not store IP addresses, we require https.

Hi i'm Ajacx,

Many of you who come here may already know me and are aware that I host on AnonUK Radio also known before as AnonUkIre Radio. I myself started hosting radio shows/broadcasts over 3 years ago on Due to the fact that I didn't like what I was hearing on another persons web radio broadcasts. In 2015 We have Moved away from spreaker and upgraded the service we provide to our own site and radio server none of this would have ever been possible without the love and support of all hosts and everyone who tunes in

Thanks to the most Humble team of CyberGuerrilla Anonymous Nexus they are simply the cats whiskers, Bow to their greatness. I feel we have some of the most talented hosts within AnonUK Radio, who work very hard preparing and presenting their broadcasts. We have had some hosts that have been with us, but have left now to move on to what they need to do. Much love and peace to everyone who has, and will forever carry on, supporting AnonUK Radio.