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Anonymous Italy: Aken and Otherwise were arrested

Thursday 21 May 2015 visualizzare le traduzioni italiano

Anonymous Italy #OperationGreenRights: Aken and Otherwise were arrested.

Two Anonymous Hacktivists were arrested in Italy during Italian Police operation what is named “Unmask”. Italian Police anounced their nicknames: “Aken” and “Otherwise” However Police claimed they involved Defense Ministry, Armed Forces and Expo 2015 cyber attacks.

Also Police continued accusing with these sentences:

“Aken and Otherwise have been placed under house arrest, another denounced for conspiracy to damage to computer, unlawful interruption of computer communications and computer systems, unauthorized access to computer systems, and the possession and dissemination of codes of access to computer systems…

The two hacktivists are responsible obscuration of several institutional web portals, including some ministries, and the disclosure of sensitive data.“

We won’t forget. Our friendship will last forever.

Who doesn’t know Anonymous world can’t understand what a Bro means to us. You will be in our hearths. We will fight for you. The Anonymous idea will go on and you will be with us, in our warrior souls, and that will be for any arrested Anon until the end of time.

Aken and Otherwise are known and loved persons in Anonymous.
If that is real they will need our support and solidarity. Support and act with soldarity for Anons.

  • We are Anonymous.
  • We are Legion.
  • We do not forgive.
  • We do not forget.
  • Expect us

Website Anonymous Operation Green Rights

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