Anonymous Guerrilla & AntiSecItaly in #OpNuke # Anonymous Operations

Anonymous Guerrilla & AntiSecItaly in #OpNuke

Friday 23 February 2018 > italiano

International #OpNuke AntiNuclear. Hello citizens of the world, we are Anonymous,

In a world where violence, abuses, exploitation and anything else are in the agenda. That’s what you missed and to be forgotten by ways: Governments destroy us and enviroment with weapons of mass destruction, like nuclear plants and nuclear weapons.

Lately between the United States and North Korea, there have been heated quarrels, that could lead to serious consequences. It was to kill two birds with one stone and to spread fear in the world. This period increased sales of heavy weapons. Also that is uncontrolled period that can cause mass destruction of world. One step that excee the limit can cause the trouble of people. This is madness in our point of view. We think we have to show our stance against this madness.

We have right to protest this madness and disgusting destruction policy on our life and world. We are not just against nuclear weapons and nuclear plants. We are against mass destruction of our life and world. All green lands and every group what are oppose this period are under attack. Everybody is free to fight for the world, it’s life and for all people, animal life. We are convinced that unity is strength.

  • Good work and thanks for the help!

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