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Anonymous France Facebook page is Fake

Anonymous France Facebook page is Fake

Sunday 5 June 2016 afficher les traductions français

Facebook the “trap for idiots” of the “Fachosphère (*)”.

Mark Zuckerberg’s digital social network “much more uses its users than its users use it.” “It is a perfectly calculated service to extract and collect a lot of data on people’s lives. It is a constraint space which profiles and puts individuals on file, which hinders their freedom, which inevitably causes a loss of control over aspects of everyday life that are expressed there.” - Richard Stallman, the father of free software.


Many of my friends “liked” the Anonymous France Facebook Fuckbook page and sometimes relay its messages. Now, if we can find all purpose slogans denunciating inequalities or elections, one finds there mostly conspiracy plots, nationalist, anti-Semitic and extreme right messages.

This page is extremely relayed and harms your anti-racist and international message.

I would willingly dream you to put the record straight, specifically about this page even though I know you do not use Facebook Fuckbook not because you have nothing to gain if nationalists and racists use your image to spread political confusion and cause a lot of people to be attracted to the extreme right.

  • Sincerely and fraternally, Fabien.

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