Anonymous France cloned - A sucker trap? # Anonymous Operations

Anonymous France cloned - A sucker trap?

Monday 11 September 2017 Traduction français

Cloning a website to deceive and trap visitors.

Anonymous don’t just philosophize. The Anons very often remind one another that it would be unfortunate to adopt a leading behavior or to seek to attract the attention of the media, calling these practices "identity theft" or "abuse of power " - Gabriella Coleman

Anyone who engages in this kind of overflow is traced back into the public place and on IRC. Recently we witnessed a similar situation by discovering a clone of our website « ». Just a bunch of lies with a quidam denominated @AnonDeFrance (Mr18Hocker), which has not constituted any social capital in the movement, but has put online a new website using exclusively and masterfully copy / paste while shamelessly signing "I have done it":

It’s not sharing! Seeking to use the work done by others to assume the merits is deplorable. And when you have no imagination, no knowledge and skill, it is enough simply not to be ashamed to appropriate the work of others.

  • Of course the site has been also called Anonymous-France ... blablabla ... since 2010
    • Use misleading domain name with duplicate content.
  • Our articles and images, on security and protection of online anonymity have been completely duplicated without any quotes from the source. Obviously when one is lacking creativity it is much simpler to copy.
  • The same with the detailed article "How to join us on IRC".
    • And of course we never met the guy on the CyberGuerrilla #CgAn or on any IRC frequented by Anonymous.
  • And to add to the confusion the clone offers links to social networks like Facebook Fuckbook that we do not use. For years, we have communicated enough not to extend on this subject...

The site offers access to a so-called Secure Cloud?

But how can we trust an individual who deceives visitors by appropriating the content of other websites while signing at the bottom of each page to claim that he is the author of the content:


At best this site is a sucker trap. At worst a “honeypot” that uses contact forms and registration to trap users. So mistrust is a must! Trap in view...

  • Translation « Simple Mind »

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