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Anonymous is not an organization.

It is not a club, a party or even a movement. There is no charter, no manifest, no membership fees. Anonymous has no leaders. Nobody can join Anonymous...

Security Education Companion - A Project of the Electronic Frontier Foundation

Welcome to the Security Education Companion! SEC is a resource for people teaching digital security to their friends and neighbors. If you are new to digital security, want (...)

6 May 2019
Surveillance Self-Defense - EFF

These guides describe the theory behind protecting your digital privacy, and include common ways to apply it—online and off. Whether it’s learning more about the details of (...)

30 April 2019
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange arrested and dragged out of embassy after US extradition reques | Euronews

WikLeaks co-founder Julian Assange has been arrested at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, ending his seven-year asylum tenure there. He appeared on Thursday afternoon at (...)

11 April 2019
Investigating Apps interactions with Facebook on Android

Privacy International has been investigating the proliferation of data tracking, brokerage and exchange between many tech companies, both as their primary business as well as (...)

30 December 2018
FBI Seizes 15 DDoS-For-Hire Websites

The U.S. Justice Department announced earlier that the FBI has seized domains of 15 "DDoS-for-hire" websites and charged three individuals running some of these (...)

21 December 2018
Botnet of Infected WordPress Sites Attacking WordPress Sites

The Defiant Threat Intelligence team recently began tracking the behavior of an organized brute force attack campaign against WordPress sites. This campaign has created a (...)

9 December 2018

LAST MONTH, A famed hacker who has been serving a 10-year prison sentence since 2012 was accused by a guard at a federal detention center of “minor assault,” landing the (...)

5 December 2018
LineageOS Android Distribution

A free and open-source operating system for various devices, based on the Android mobile platform. Your data, your rules. With powerful tools such as Privacy Guard, you are in (...)

9 November 2018
Anonymous Hackers deface Saudi ‘#DavosInTheDesert’ site against Khashoggi’s

The official website of Saudi Arabia’s Future Investment Initiative ‘Davos in the Desert’ was hit by a cyber attack in which hackers defaced its homepage to protest the brutal (...)

27 October 2018
WireGuard VPN review: A new type of VPN offers serious advantages | Ars Technica

WireGuard is a new type of VPN which aims to be simpler to set up and maintain than current VPNs and to offer a higher degree of security. The software is free and open (...)

27 August 2018
Anonymous hackers vow to expose Q-Anon

Q-Anon is a pro-Trump conspiracy collective who made headlines after claiming to have high-level clearance in the government of United States and that the country is run by (...)

8 August 2018
Anonymous vs. QAnon: Hackers Pledge to Take Down Pro-Trump Conspiracy

The hacking collective Anonymous has issued a threat against individuals tied to the political conspiracy QAnon, pledging to sabotage its operation and expose its followers. (...)

7 August 2018

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Security Alert: Sextortion is on the rise

Security Alert: Sextortion is on the rise

Security Alert: Lucrative Scam of Sextortion Is on the Rise. January 21, 2019. The latest report from cybersecurity company Symantec shows that extortion scams are on the (...)

Why the NordVPN network is safe

Why the NordVPN network is safe

Why the NordVPN network is safe after a third-party provider breach. Information has recently surfaced about a NordVPN breach caused by vulnerabilities in a third-party (...)

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Rojava : The war has started

Declaration of the Internationalist Commune: The war has started! We call to RiseUp, to defend Rojava. A few hours ago the fascist Turkish state started its occupation (...)

Matt DeHart is free

Matt DeHart is free

October 3rd 2019: Matt DeHart has been freed from federal prison after serving 2740 day. Matt is transitioning after 8 long years of prison. He will be starting with (...)


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