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Anonymous is a group, in the sense that a flock of birds is a group. How do you know they're a group? Because they're travelling in the same direction. At any given moment, more birds could join, leave, peel off in another direction entirely. - Chris Landers. Baltimore City Paper, 2 april 2008.

How Congress Censored the Internet

In Passing SESTA/FOSTA, Lawmakers Failed to Separate Their Good Intentions from Bad Law Today was a dark day for the Internet. The U.S. Senate just voted 97-2 to pass the (...)

The Electronic Frontier Foundation

21 March

LibrePlanet 2018: Last update!

LibrePlanet 2018 is just a few days away!

Free Software Foundation

21 March

Protect the Open Web as a Ford-Mozilla Fellow

Protect the Open Web as a Ford-Mozilla Fellow t0mmy March 21, 2018 For the last three years, Mozilla has been shaping public-interest technology through their 10-month Open (...)

Tor Project - Official Blog

21 March

WhatsApp Co-Founder Urges Users to Delete Their Facebook Accounts

By Carolina Brian Acton, co-founder of popular messaging app WhatsApp wants each This is a post from Read the original post: WhatsApp Co-Founder Urges Users to (...)

HackRead - Security is a Myth

21 March
Full Circle Magazine

Ubuntu 18.10 Will Boot Faster, Thanks to LZ4 Initramfs Compression

Canonical’s Balint Reczey recently proposed the implementation of LZ4 compression to Ubuntu’s initramfs (initial ramdisk) instead of the older gzip compression used in previous (...)

Full Circle Magazine

21 March

AMD Acknowledges Newly Disclosed Flaws In Its Processors — Patches Coming Soon

AMD has finally acknowledged 13 critical vulnerabilities, and exploitable backdoors in its Ryzen and EPYC processors disclosed earlier this month by Israel-based CTS Labs and (...)

The Hacker News

21 March

Day 739 Fired up

Today is Tuesday. Tonight was my meeting with the prison reform board. OMG. We are on fire. Tonight, I marveled at a number of individuals from all walks of life as they (...)

Humanity not commodity - Leann DeHart

20 March


March 19 “Burnaby Mountain, British Columbia, Canada” People blocked tree cutting equipment, slated to clear the way for Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion, that (...)

subMedia Video

20 March

Anonymous – OpIsrael2018 (7 April)

Greetings world, We Are Anonymous. This is a message to the foolish Zionist entities. We are coming back to punish you again, for your crimes in the Palestinian territories. (...)

CyberGuerrilla AnonNeXus

20 March
Courage Foundation

No US Appeal to Lauri Love Ruling

The High Court has prevented the US from appealing Lauri Love's extradition decision, so the 5 February 2018 ruling stands in full; Lauri Love: "The era of the US Department (...)

Courage Foundation

20 March

The ProtonVPN Linux command-line tool is now available!

Earlier this year we started working on a tool to simplify Linux VPN usage in a command-line environment. And now we’re very excited to make the ProtonVPN Linux command-line (...)

ProtonVPN - Free VPN News

20 March

Erdogan Hands Off Afrin!

ERDOGAN HANDS OFF AFRIN! It is against the international law to occupy a city of a foreign country and wave your flags there. Every people have the right to self-determination (...)

FEMEN Official Blog

20 March

Motherboard, “This Anarchist Browser Plug-In Wants You to Fight Fascism on the Internet”

Help remove far-right propaganda from YouTube with this extension for Chrome and Firefox. YouTube has long been acknowledged as, well, not exactly the (...)

Anarchist Agency

19 March

With Banksy, Zehra Doğan is in New York

Thanks to “Street Art” practitioner Banksy, Zehra Doğan is exhibited in New York. Thus has a butterfly’s flutter reached the heart of an American street and the eyes of its (...)

Kedistan [English]

19 March

Correcting misconceptions about the White House’s use of encryption and ProtonMail

Like many of you, we have seen the story this weekend where it was revealed that ProtonMail was being used by White House staff. As a matter of policy, we never comment on (...)

ProtonMail - Secure email news

18 March

French anarchist sabotage trial turns to farce - France - RFI

Ten years after being rounded up in a well-publicised raid by anti-terror police, defendants in a trial for the alleged sabotage of a rail line did their best to ridicule the (...)

Anonymous - Breaking News

17 March


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