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Anonymous is a group, in the sense that a flock of birds is a group. How do you know they're a group? Because they're travelling in the same direction. At any given moment, more birds could join, leave, peel off in another direction entirely. - Chris Landers. Baltimore City Paper, 2 april 2008.

Stealing Bitcoin Wallet Keys From Air-Gapped Computers (Cold Storage)

A team of security researchers at Israel's Ben Gurion University, who previously demonstrated various methods to steal data from an air-gapped computer, has now published new (...)

23 April

The Hacker News

Net Neutrality Did Not Die Today

When the FCC’s “Restoring Internet Freedom Order,” which repealed net neutrality protections the FCC had previously issued, was published on February 22nd, it was interpreted by (...)

23 April

The Electronic Frontier Foundation

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23 April

Courage Foundation Matt DeHart

Trustjacking: iTunes’ Wi-Fi Sync Feature Vulnerable to Exploitation

By Waqas Hackers can exploit the vulnerability in iTunes’ Wi-Fi Sync feature and This is a post from Read the original post: Trustjacking: iTunes’ Wi-Fi Sync (...)

23 April

HackRead - Security is a Myth

Announcing Tor’s Next Executive Director: Isabela Bagueros

Announcing Tor’s Next Executive Director: Isabela Bagueros steph April 23, 2018 Shari announced her retirement from the Tor Project at the end of February, and the search for (...)

23 April

Tor Project - Official Blog

Российское правительство запрещает приложение для обмена сообщениями через Telegram

Вместе с запретом Telegram в России, правительство объявило войну праву на безопасность и неприкосновенность к частной жизни. К счастью, есть еще способы доступа к приложению Telegram и альтернативы (...)

23 April

ProtonVPN - Free VPN News
Courage Foundation

European Commission unveils draft whistleblower directive

Ultimately these proposals have to be judged on whether they will enable future Antoine Deltours to come forward without being put in legal (...)

23 April

Courage Foundation

Fox in the Henhouse: Why Interest Rates Are Rising

The Federal Reserve calls itself independent, but it is independent only of government. It marches to the drums of the banks that are its private owners. To prevent another (...)

23 April

Pressenza - International News Agency

Day 772 Fishing

Today is Sunday. Today, Paul and I went trout fishing. Today was probably the prettiest day we’ve had by far. So, we packed up our poles, lures, and water and a headed for a (...)

22 April

Humanity not commodity - Leann DeHart
OONI - Tor Project

ParkNet: Short Documentary on Internet Censorship in Cuba

Last year we had the opportunity to travel to Cuba to explore its internet landscape. We spent most of our time hopping from one public WiFi hotspot to another, measuring (...)

22 April

OONI - Tor Project

TFN #7: In ZAD We Trust

In this week's TFN, France's off-brand Napoleon, Emmanuel Macron, meets his Battle of Waterloo in La ZAD, or Zone to Defend, in Notre Dames Des Landes. Meanwhile, in Hamilton (...)

20 April

subMedia Video

Friday Free Software Directory IRC meetup time: April 20th starting at 12:00 p.m. EDT/16:00 UTC

Join the FSF and friends Friday, April 20th from 12:00 p.m. to 3 p.m. EDT (16:00 to 19:00 UTC) to help improve the Free Software Directory, with this week's theme of (...)

19 April

Free Software Foundation

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18 April

Courage Foundation Barrett Brown

Concerned about SESTA-FOSTA? Learn how ProtonMail protects your privacy

Donald Trump signed SESTA-FOSTA into law, a policy ostensibly meant to prevent sexual trafficking. In reality, the law undermines free expression online and may even (...)

18 April

ProtonMail - Secure email news

Surveillance Database of Journalists to Be Compiled in the USA. Where Is the Outcry?

Donald Trump is not known for being a friend of the media. Now he seems to be taking up new methods to control unfavorable journalists. The Department of Homeland Security (...)

17 April

Tutanota - Secure Mail Service

Finding Packages for Kali Linux

In an earlier post, we covered Package Management in Kali Linux. With the ease of installation that APT provides, we have the choice amongst tens of thousands of packages but (...)

17 April

Kali Linux Distribution

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