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Agency was created by a group of anarchists with experience in communications and public relations work for anarchist projects, activist movements, non-profits, and for our waged jobs. Agency promotes contemporary anarchist perspectives and practices through commentary, media relations, and educational campaigns. Our mission is to: Engage the public and the mainstream media about anarchist ideas, practice, and action.

Ground our work on two basic ideas: first, that anarchism is the most liberating political theory and practice and the least harmful way of approaching the world, and second, that all of society would benefit from a greater public understanding of what anarchists believe and how anarchy works.

Newsweek, “‘Antifa Civil War’ Fake News Story Treated As ‘Threat’ by DHS Officials, Emails Reveal” - A false but pervasive conspiracy theory suggesting that “antifa” was going to wage civil war in city streets across (...)

Evening Standard, “How Greece’s grittiest district swapped anarchy for culture” - Exarcheia was once the scene of riots and political gangs, but now it’s a buzzing cultural hub, says Anastasia (...)

Global News, “Hamilton anarchist organizer denied bail in Locke Street vandalism case” - The only person to be arrested and charged so far in connection to the Locke Street vandalism investigation has (...)

Crimethinc: La ZAD: Another End of the World is Possible - On January 17, 2018, the French government announced on television, via the voice of Prime Minister Edouard (...)

Reuters, “French police clash with eco-activists as they clear abandoned airport site” - NOTRE-DAME-DES-LANDES, France (Reuters) – French police fired teargas and stun grenades and were pelted with stones (...)

The Verge, “Margaret Killjoy’s Danielle Cain books are razor-sharp anarchist urban fantasies” - “Sometimes, you just have to get a knife in your hands and make it clear which way the stabby end is pointing.” So (...)

CBC, “Hamilton police charge leading local anarchist in Locke Street vandalism” - Hamilton police said tips from the public and ‘electronic evidence’ helped identify Hopperton. Hamilton police have (...)

Crimethinc: Remembering Paul Z. Simons, An Unyielding Anarchist, Author and Rebel - We’re saddened to announce the passing of Paul Z. Simons, longtime anarchist, journalist, and author. Paul was an (...)

Natasha Lennard: Anti-Fascist Practice and Impossible Non-Violence - Between spells of January drizzle, in the midst of scattered street protests, on a particularly bad afternoon in (...)

Daily Beast, “Wearing Black? Feds Say You May Be An Anarchist, Newly Released Documents Show” - The Department of Homeland Security told law enforcement how to ID anti-racist protesters—by looking for people who (...)

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Welcome to Radio Vendetta Podcasts.

Our station “Radio Vendetta” is orientated to bring you news, information and create a plausible work platform. We are here to share tools to help you stay Anonymous (...)

Autonomous Anonymous Network

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End Julian Assange’s isolation

We demand that Julian Assange’s isolation ends NOW! It is with great concern that we heard that Julian Assange has lost access to the internet and the right to receive (...)

Autonomous Anonymous Network

Welcome to + Autonomous Anonymous Network + and it’s voice + Radio Vendetta + Radio Vendetta is the place for those who continue to fight against injustice. For those who do (...)

RedHack and the world revolutionary movement

Dear members of Anonymous, the Anonymous Family, our Hacktivist friends and the world revolutionary movement. In a statement made in the name of Anonymous and published by (...)

RedHack - For the world revolutionary public

Anonymous component, member, supporters and friends; Press Release from RedHackers. A short while ago from YAN (@YourAnonNews) account published that RedHack and Anonymous (...)

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