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Anarchist Agency


Agency was created by a group of anarchists with experience in communications and public relations work for anarchist projects, activist movements, non-profits, and for our waged jobs. Agency promotes contemporary anarchist perspectives and practices through commentary, media relations, and educational campaigns. Our mission is to: Engage the public and the mainstream media about anarchist ideas, practice, and action. Ground our work on two basic ideas: first, that anarchism is the most liberating political theory and practice and the least harmful way of approaching the world, and second, that all of society would benefit from a greater public understanding of what anarchists believe and how anarchy (...)

The Daily Californian, “Oakland’s Museum of Capitalism makes anti-capitalist discourse accessible to all” - Each quote acts as a hook, leading the reader to a small, simple television with an expert on the screen speaking (...)

Capitol Hill Times (Seattle), “Brush up on your Shakespeare” - Alt-right vs. anarchists: The vendetta between hot-blooded Black Bloc and Proud Boy bravos is escalating from fists (...)

Al Jazeera, “US authorities handle white supremacists with kid gloves while branding Antifa protesters ‘domestic terrorists’” - On June 12, 2017, New Jersey’s Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness (OHSP) added a new name to its list of (...)

Vice, “A Very Psychedelic Conversation with the Creators of ‘Rick and Morty’” - I would just use the word “anarchist.” He doesn’t like being told what to do by anybody. And yes, that is what (...)

Philadelphia Weekly, “Sparing some change: A deeply personal look at the panhandling situation in Philadelphia” - Baltimore Avenue is home to a socialist bookstore, an anarchist community center, an alternative media non-profit, (...)

Mic, “The NRA releases another horrifying ad, this time threatening journalists and politicians” - The darker, perhaps more dangerous allegation in the video, besides the common refrain among conservatives that the (...)

Fox 2 San Francisco, “UC Berkeley students charged with vandalism” - Chamu’s Facebook page included many messages that “were consistent with the graffiti messages,” such as “f— the (...)

The Guardian, “Why Anarchism is Better than Conventional Diplomacy” - The discussion is intense. One opposition leader, his voice shaking, warned the council diplomats that there would (...)

BuzzFeed News, “A Fake Antifa Member Trolled A Fox News Host, And The President May Have Watched It” - Watters began the segment by reporting on an editorial from the anarchist website It’s Going Down, titled “An Open (...)

Business Insider, “18-year-old YouTuber fooled Fox News by pretending to be ‘antifa’ and calling a police horse a ‘racist Trump supporter’” - “It is time for liberals and progressives to lose their illusions about the anarchist movement and our tactics (...)

Anarchist Agency
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Heroes for the people, enemies for the state...

Jeremy Hammond
Matt DeHart
Martin Gottesfeld
Barrett Brown
Higinio Ochoa III
Ryan Ackroyd
Jake Davis
Christopher Weatherhead
Jon Cowden
John Anthony Borell III
Raynaldo Rivera
Fidel Salinas

Jeremy Hammond, Martin Gottesfeld and Matt DeHart, some of our bravest heroes and activists are now in jail and they need your help...


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