Alexa O’Brien - Introduction to Wikileaks & Manning

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AnonOps Radio Interview

Wednesday 17 October 2012

Alexa O’Brein is a writer, researcher and activist. She was the founder of US Day of Rage that redefined the connection between social media and activism and became the foundation for the Occupy Wall Street movement. Alexa has been very involved in the reporting surrounding Wikileaks and is the only source transcribing the pre-trial hearings for accused whistleblower PFC Bradley Manning facing the death penalty under the 1017 Espionage Act as the accused source of Wikileaks Iraq War Logs and Collateral Murder video. She explains the charges Manning faces, the pretrial confinement and torture at the hands of the military and progress of the hearings. Because mainstream media have no journalists attending, Alexa debunks widely reported misinformation and explains that the information leaked was not classified.

Alexa O'Brien - Introduction to Wikileaks & Manning

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